Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gold is coming... FAST!!

The Super Mario Gold Amiibo figure is reported to have been popping up in Walmarts all over the place. Apparently Nintendo has decided to make sure Gamers know the Gold Mario Amiibo will be available this friday by dangling the Amiibo in front of us on a string and yanking it away, telling us to wait until Friday. I'm speaking metaphorically of course. Theres no Amiibo on strings. But Nintendo is putting out the Gold Amiibo before the release date to hype up the release even more. All though its very deserving of the hype, I thing they're hype-ing it up a bit much. I for one will be trying my hardest to get that figure and make sure its in my collection. I may also buy two of the regular Mario Amiibo figures, but more on that later. All who plan to get the Gold Mario Amiibo, plan to also possibly pick up the regular Mario Amiibo because it also be available on the 20th
,Game On Gamers!