Monday, March 23, 2015

80's are still NES-talgia to me!

I've heard people say that the 80's are now relics and no longer Nostalgia. I DON'T AGREE. To be perfectly straight forward in the way I feel about the 80's, I love the 80's. Some may say that the 90's are now nostalgia, well they are of course. People still treat some eras way behind the 70's as nostalgia. So whoever says the 80's aren't Nostalgic anymore, think again. Mario was made in the 80's and he's treated the same way he was back then, today. Mario in fact is now a mega industry and changed entertainment forever. The very first year of the 80's, Pac-Man was released to the ARCade and he's now in SSB for Wii-U and 3DS. Honestly, people may not treat 80's gaming as history to be preserved the way I do, but Gaming is a form of art and it shouldn't be forgotten. 80's is Nostalgia and every time I play an old Mario game from the 80's I feel NES-talgic

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Was the Zelda Netflix Series a Hoax?

To just flat-out answer the question, no probably not. We may even get a film of Super Mario in CGI from Sony now that Nintendo says its OK to use Donkey Kong in the PIXELS movie by Sony Pictures. So here's what Iwata said:                                                                        "As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information"   He was speaking on the Wall Street Journal's Article which spoke on The Legend of Zelda  EVENTUALLY  getting a Netflix show. Some may just take what he said and say "Eh, whatever." Not Mii!! Nope, I decided to do a little digging and I didn't have to dig very far, but just because Iwata said that the article was BASED on incorrect info, doesn't mean that Nintendo doesn't eventually plant to make a show or a Netflix show of some kind. Take their recently made and suspicious Social Media survey which flat-out asked if you would like a Nintendo show to be made. and then the announcement of the Netflix show. And then Nintendo let Sony use DK in PIXELS and a Sony Director announced he got the rights to make a CGI Mario film. Hmmmmm, Now I'm not positive but are any of these announcements true, because they can't all be incorrect info. So, do you think Zelda will be getting a Netflix Show?

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

My hopes for Nintendo's Future

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Although its been a while since AC New Leaf was released, I still think its worth adding DLC to. Although the whole NEW ITEMS FROM JAPAN version idea was okay, I still don't think it adds to the game very much. It would be awesomtacular if Nintendo added to AC New Leaf through DLC, some free and some just not-too-expensive. I think it

Friday, March 20, 2015

On and Off, on and off [Amiibo] Extreme prices and rarity.


           Toad is Selling out fast

The New Super Mario Amiibo have been flying off the shelves, being sold out and then back in stock all day. The one that's been going out of stock the most today besides the Gold Mario Amiibo is the Toad Amiibo. I believe the reason for this selling-out would be Captain Toad Treasure Tracker game's Amiibo feature.

Gold Mario Amiibo is now RARE

My theory of The Gold Mario Amiibo becoming rare quickly was dead on. Other then all the scalpers, The Gold is sold out everywhere now and much harder to purchase. If you didn't go to Wal-Mart at 12:00 AM today, then you missed your chance. The Gold Mario Amiibo is now RARE. And scalpers are making a fortune on eBay, valuing only one figure at around Thirty bucks and up. My Aunt found a set of two on eBay for two-hundred and a single figure for fifty dollars. The people who have a Gold Mario Amiibo are lucky, those who have one have a rare item with extreme cash value which will only increase as time goes on.

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Bringing home the GOLD

Well the day is finally here, I got the Gold Super Mario Amiibo Figure and its awesomtacular. There were a couple of issues at my local Wal-Mart but apparently, not as many as other people had. There were some Wal-Marts that only got 4 in stock, mine had 8 and by now they're sold-out! It was an Awesomtacular midnight release and at least one of my predictions has been proven right, The Gold Mario Amiibo is now a rarer figure than any other Amiibo and its because they're basically sold-out everywhere.
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Gold is in low quantity

Well, if you were worried about getting your hands on a Gold Mario Amiibo, you weren't wrong to be worried. The Gold Mario Amiibo is coming out tomorrow and Gamers everywhere are going nuts that they only have a few more hours left to wait, especially Amiibo Hunters. Well, I had someone report from my local Walmart just this morning saying they only have 7 in stock total. Seven!?!! That's unbelievable! Which means it could be this way at your local Walmart as well, with less Gold to go around we may hit the whole Supply and Demand issue from Walmart again. So, BE WORRIED and try your hardest to get your hands on one because there's probably going to be a few rioting Amiibo fans tomorrow.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gold is coming... FAST!!

The Super Mario Gold Amiibo figure is reported to have been popping up in Walmarts all over the place. Apparently Nintendo has decided to make sure Gamers know the Gold Mario Amiibo will be available this friday by dangling the Amiibo in front of us on a string and yanking it away, telling us to wait until Friday. I'm speaking metaphorically of course. Theres no Amiibo on strings. But Nintendo is putting out the Gold Amiibo before the release date to hype up the release even more. All though its very deserving of the hype, I thing they're hype-ing it up a bit much. I for one will be trying my hardest to get that figure and make sure its in my collection. I may also buy two of the regular Mario Amiibo figures, but more on that later. All who plan to get the Gold Mario Amiibo, plan to also possibly pick up the regular Mario Amiibo because it also be available on the 20th
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Thoughts on Nintendo's newest console announcment

Recently Nintendo made an announcement that they'd be teaming up with a smart-device developer to make apps with Nintendo IP. This shocked a lot of people because Nintendo's President (Iwata) stated that if Nintendo were to make apps, it would cease to be Nintendo. I agree with his statement. Which is why I can understand and support why Nintendo didn't just start making apps themselves, but got someone to help them. They didn't make apps for just anything either, the apps will only work with Nintendo specific merchandise such as Nintendo's next console. "Project NX" Could it be That Nintendo say all the hate that the WiiU was getting online? Such as "WiiU isn't NEXT GEN" or ""WiiU isn't hardcore."?? Maybe they saw all the HATE and decided to make a really hardcore NEXT GEN console that can work with smart-devices. The console was announced to be released next year or so. But I still think the WiiU has plenty of untapped potential left. Tell me what you think personally about this newly announced project NX and what you'd like it to be in the comments.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

VideoTopia Exibit Sloan Museum

Its very rare for someone to say AR-Cade went to the ARCade, Well I'm going to VideoTopia,  if you're looking for the chance to streetpass my Mii Character, say hi or just to bump into me, I'll be at Flint Michigan's Sloan Museum for VIDEOTOPIA on  March/28th   VIDEOTOPIA showcases old and new ARCade cabinet games and retro console games. Its filled with gaming history for both ARCaders and Gamers alike. You can even play the original DK ARCade cabinet there, I'll be playing the ARCade version of the game for the first time, up until I go I will be practicing on the NES version of Donkey Kong, on VC for my 3DS XL. Hopefully I'll be good enough to get past LV3.

 I personally still view 80's as nostalgia or NEStalgia if you prefer
For other info on VIDEOTOPIA besides the location, visit this site here.

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Nintendo's not caving under pressure

The web is a buzz with people rejoicing that Nintendo is coming to smartphones. Well I've got some shocking news to announce, everyone may think that Nintendo's new partnership with Dena is them saying "We give up, we'll put our games on smartphones now", well that isn't true at all. Nintendo specifically says their plans are to develop a new console to work WITH Nintendo smartphone apps. This means Nintendo apps will be made but only as a compromise to mobile Gamers who are too stuck on their phones to pick up a game controller. Smartphone people have been hounding Nintendo for not putting their games on smart devices for the past two years and Now, Nintendo is saying "If you wan't apps so badly then fine, but to get the full potential from the apps, You need Nintendo's latest console 'Project NX'." See what they did there?..

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Monday, March 16, 2015

My room renovation 2015

Well, the renovation is basically finished now, with a few little things left to do still. I plan to install a new lightswitch plate to match my blue pixel theme and buy a few more posters to put up too. Here's the  finished renovation pics:
My new Main Mario shelves

Panorama 1

Panorama 2

New Desk and Gaming setup
Notice the upside down Mario Kart on the top shelf.
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Recently, I've added a Pixel theme to both my blog and my room, but I had no-idea pixels were in style, I just like Gaming. Apparently video game films are big right now. Theres a planned film for Summer this year called PIXELS. And it is confirmed that the original Donkey Kong will be in it. Hopefully its a good-clean and family friendly film. Although I've already seen a bit of modesty and swearing in a few spoilers, Although it could be a lot worse. I just hope the keep it clean and make a good film that my whole family can enjoy.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Gold and Normal Double release

I was browsing the walmart site for the Gold Mario amiibo to yet again confirm that it will be out on the 20th, then I noticed the Mario Party 10 gam which is bundled with the NORMAL Super Mario "Mario" Amiibo figure. That bundle too, had March 20th as its release date, although that one didn't say EXCLUSIVE to Walmart. I did some more browsing today and it appears that Mario Party 10 and most of the Mario Amiibo are going to be released alongside the Gold Mario Amiibo. As if it wasn't going to be chaotic enough, getting my hands on the Gold. Now theres other Amiibo and a game to go after. I think I'll wait to get Mario Party 10 later, for now I'll just try to get all the Mario Amiibo.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

No Delayed Release!

Good news Gamers, The Gold Mario Amiibo will be released to Walmart on the 20th. Apparently it was an error on their part and they sent out a message saying that both the release of the Amiibo and pre-orders will not be delayed. Glad to hear it because I'm going to Walmart next Friday.
Hopefully they release Silver at Toys R US.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Delayed Release!?

The Gold Super Mario Amiibo figure will now apparently be delayed with its release. It won't be out until the 8th of April. It was supposed to come out just next Friday. This may seem like a small change in waiting time but for all us GC's (Gamer and Collectors) its seriously huge. Adding three more weeks to the already long enough wait is unbelievable. And we were sooo close to the release date too. Unbelievable.

Shipped out - SSB WiiU/3DS CD

The title says it all Gamers, My personal SSB CD set was shipped out Yesterday and  this can only mean that the CD will be shipping out across North America now. This is awesomtacular news because we've all been waiting a very long time for the CD set to be shipped out. We were even told that Club Nintendo would be shut down and I wasn't sure if they'd ship it out before or after the shut down. But they did, the CD is now on its way. BIG QUESTION TIME Should I or shouldn't I open the CD when I get it?

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Pre-order, canceled!!?

People were already pretty upset that Walmart was already out of pre-orders and now they've got something else to be upset about. Pre-orders for the Gold Mario Amiibo are being cancelled now. Some people who Pre-ordered the Gold Mario Amiibo are getting e-mails saying their Pre-orders were cancelled. [Official info here] Hopefully there will still be plenty of the figures available on the 20th. [Click HERE for my review of the Gold Mario Amiibo]

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Caught and Punished again...

(First Article)
Hey Gamers, The latest update (I don't have yet) was released a little while ago and some complaints have come up to follow it, you may say "Why would anyone complain about making the 3DS better with the latest updates?" Well this UPDATE made the 3DS worse for people who use unauthorized software on the console. The last console prevented use of unauthorized software "improved system stability and blocks unauthorized software from running." Seems like people just can't out-smart Nintendo with their R4 cards and stupid hacking. The best part is the 3DS users have no choice but to download this update because even if they don't, they have to get the next to get any/or all new features. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lacking ADS

The New 3DS XL has had little to no Advertising or promotional announcements. Seems like after the New 3DS XL (N3DSXL) came out its barely had any effect in the Gaming world at all. What I mean is, I didn't get tons of notifications or updates from much of anything saying "Yay, the N3DSXL is out!!" instead, all I got was some basic unboxing vids. Where's all the adds and promotional videos and crazy weird Nintendo commercials!? Come on, its like they forgot to make ADS all together. I know the console is Awesomtacular already, but I'd really like to have some more ads making me want to get it. That may sound weird but isn't weird that the console doesn't have a lot of ADS to begin with? To me thats just odd. Nintendo normally puts out tons of ads every year for their new products, but this year we obviously didn't get as many ads for the New 3DS or anything else related to it. Maybe their saving the surprises for this years E3. But thats still a ways away from now.