Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I've discovered this week.

I've discovered quite a few things this week, aside from a couple Amiibo figures dropping in price. Like Toys R Us is planning to sell custom -made Amiibo figures soon. This isn't very good in terms of Nintendo's profits. When people buy and redo Amiibo figures and Toys R Us sells them, then what percentage of the profits go to Nintendo (The inventors of the product) this whole thing seems a bit offensive to Nintendo. I hope Toys R Us will abandon this plan to re-sell modified Amiibo.

The secondary thing I've discovered this week is
Captain Toad has a secret attack mode. Yes, this has been confirmed through an interview with the game's creator on Miiverse. Click here for more info from Nintendo News. This attack uses the useless backpack as an attack move by swinging it at your enemies and knocking them out. This means Captain Toad should be in smash bros, seriously something to consider now isn't it?
Speaking of Smash Bros, I found a new rumor/leaked news about the SSB CD from Club Nintendo is being sipped out here in North America now or soon. I haven't gotten a confirmation shipping notice from Nintendo as of yet so this rumor is probably not true at all. Still, it would be awesomtacular if it was true because this means we should get the CD set very soon.