Friday, February 20, 2015


Some people may say that both Augmented Reality and Virtual reality can co-exist together in harmony and that there's absolutely no-reason why we should pick on or the other... I DISAGREE STRONGLY.

VR (Virtual Reality) is putting you inside a game and letting you experience Gaming inside of Games, while AR (Augmented Reality) is putting Gaming into the real world by looking through an electronic device. I find that putting someone into a virtual world and letting them experience that is alright, but I also think that prolonged VR Activity may result in living your virtual life, more than living reality. See, I think its okay to escape  reality by playing games. But I don't think its okay to make games into your reality and to not actually live. People everywhere say that VR is the next phase in the evolution of gaming. I think that we shouldn't treat gaming like it is our lives, but we should treat it like its a big PART of our lives. I'm not saying Gaming is a waste of time, I'm saying we shouldn't treat games like they are our lives. I'm happy being a gamer, but I don't wan't to live life like Tron.

All for now, Game On Gamers!