Friday, February 20, 2015

Updated Text review- Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game where you move out from your parents home and move into a town with untapped potential and are instantly/accidentally appointed Mayor.
I once made a video review for this game, but it turned out to be more 
of an overview than a review. So here is my FULL Text review 
for Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS:

My Favorite Part of this game is the fact that you can earn money (Bells) and upgrade your house. Right now, my house is a castle. But there are a couple different kinds of renovations you can make to the exterior and interior of your virtual home. Mine is like a Mario/Nintendo museum on the first floor and my apartment is on the top floor. You can have up to 3 floors.

What I like most about this game is that it allows you to experience a virtual life and have fun in it, but it doesn't take away from reality. Infact, it constantly reminds you to take breaks and it throws in letters from virtual people to make you remember that you have a real-life to get back too. Still, when life isn't going so great, then you have the perfect time to play Animal Crossing New Leaf and just take it easy for a while...

The Graphics and Gameplay mechanics are pretty smooth and detailed for a handheld console game, but, Graphically speaking, it doesn't come close to that of SSB for 3DS.

Its definitely fun but there are some things that
I believe could be improved. Its rated E For Everyone and it is definitely a Kid friendly game without being too-kid-like to be only a kids game.

Here is What I didn't like about the game:
There is very little content all-in-all. You'll find yourself constantly running out of things to do. If you do very well when making the various characters coffee's a few may swear. This only seems to occur at this time so that's why I don't find it to be a serious problem with the game, but I don't believe that swearing should be in games at all.
 Over time you'll be bored of waiting for something to do because you've done all you can for the whole day and you'll have to wait until the next day to do anything. This can be easily fixed by hitting Save and quit from the Start Menu and then restart your game and instead of just starting the game, hit "Something else" and start talking to Isabelle (Your secretary)  about setting the time. from there you can forward and/or reverse time. I thought I might as well tell you this because there are literally no cheat codes for this game at all. Which brings me to the other thing I don't like, the game has no cheat codes at all!! I don't like the halloween celebration time, the fortune teller or the Astrology type horoscope things which sometimes pop-up. But that is all mainly because they go against my beliefs and my religion. You may feel differently about those things because you are not me, and I will not tell you what to do or how to live. I believe the game would be extremely better if those couple things weren't in there and if there was more to do, I have no idea why DLC hasn't been released for this game yet, AC New Leaf NEEDS DLC badly.

Is it Worth Buying?? Yes, It is an extremely long and detailed game with really no-way to beat it. Its a Simulation game with very little goals set up for you, which gives you almost 100% freedom to set up goals.
In my  Overall opinion, Don't buy this game unless you have other games to play, when playing this game you must stop and take breaks every once in a while or you'll be bored to tears, this of course is just my personal opinion, but this game looks way more fun in videos and on Nintendo's site than it is when you get it. It is a very fun game, you just need to take breaks or you'll  be bored is all.

That is my re-mastered review for AC New Leaf. Hope you enjoyed it and/or it helped you with making an upcoming purchase. All for now, Game On Gamers!