Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The NEW 3DS XL Red edition is sold out for pre-orders at Gamestop
The red one is definitely the one I would like to get but I'm wondering if it will be available by the time my birthday comes around, I've been reassured that by that time, mass marketing should kick in and the NEW 3DS XL should be available for purchase. And I definitely want it. I went to Gamestop just last Saturday and I got to experience the NEW 3DS XL for myself. Although the regular NEW 3DS looks to be more customizable, this upgraded XL seems to be the next big Nintendo handheld. The 3D Face Tracking was the most amazing feature, but the new C-Stick is still very impressive, In most games it appears to be mainly the camera movement control stick.

This console appears to be not only the upgraded 3DS but literally the NEW 3DS, at first I thought it was almost generic of Nintendo to call this console the NEW 3DS but if you'd try the NEW 3DS XL then I'm sure you'd agree that this upgrade is literally NEW and not just an upgrade but a NEW console. Included in this console is the following:
  1. Micro SD Card compatibility
  2. The CStick
  3. L & R Top Buttons 
  4. ZL / ZR Buttons 
  5. Colored Action Buttons, A,B,X,Y Buttons to match the SNES
  6. 3D Face Tracking
  7. & Amiibo Support through the touch screen

All for now, Game On Gamers!