Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The GREAT Flipnote 3D Scam

The Flipnote 3D scam:

Flipnote 3D was released for FREE download just yesterday to ALL Club Nintendo members, some of those members have apparently taken the FREE codes they've gotten and have listed them on eBay. I found out that the old SSB DEMO codes for the 3DS have sold for around $50.00!! Thats a large amount of cash for a simple demo which only allows you to fight with specific characters within 3 minutes. It would have been cheaper just to wait for the pre-order like I did. Well, as you could probably tell, any Flipnote Studio 3D code you see on eBay is real but its a total scam, because you can sign up for Club Nintendo today and get the game free. I'm not saying its wrong for people to sell whats thiers, but when its FREE to everyone then no one should try and make a profit off of it unless its not available anymore, it should be available right now. Of course, this is only my personal opinion.

All for now, Game On Gamers!