Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nintendo's Quality of life - Video game focus

A few things saying Quality Of Life came up in my MANY feeds and past news posts on Face Book from random Gaming pages, soon after last year's E3. But I didn't give it a single thought until just today when my mom showed me a post from a page called Zelda-Informer, saying "Nintendo to remain focused on Video Games." Well for one thing, I was ecstatic to see that Nintendo is staying focused on the Video Game market. (The official article here) In the recent investor Q&A Iwata said that Nintendo plans to stick primarily to games and the Quality of life program won't have a major impact for several years. Af first I thought the Quality of life thing was a bit creepy sounding, but then I looked into it a bit and realized that Nintendo is just slightly trying to expand their market a little bit. The Quality of life devices are all basically health-care type things. I distinctly remember hearing of Nintendo wanting to get so deep into health-care that they put their devices into hospitals. All of that (including Star Fox for WiiU from Mr. Miyamoto) was brought up soon after last years E3. Hopefully this year's E3, we'll get an actual stage presentation and not JUST a digital presentation.  All-in-all, The Quality of life division will apparently not take Nintendo's MAIN focus off of video games and even though Nintendo will be expanding their market a bit... They will stick primarily to gaming and will not go on to follow the norm of mobile gaming. Hey Mobile Gamers out there (I play mobile games too), be happy with the Nintendo Apple covers and just forget about Nintendo making mobile games, because Nintendo's main focus is Video games. "Because its Nintendo!"
 Game On Gamers!