Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nintendos mysteriously Lengthy Social Media Survey

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Nintendo recently released a lengthy Survey, Which asked people how they could improve their own Social Media profiles. I took the survey and answered the questions the best I could. But then I found it was giving me really interesting questions which lead me to believe Nintendo is up to something. Included in the survey was the question "If Nintendo made an ongoing series, would you watch it?" And "If Nintendo were to make a series would you like it to be Animated, Live Action or OTHER" I said "Yes, Animated."

Now, one of this confirms anything but I think its safe to say that Nintendo may be thinking of making an ongoing series of some kind. They also didn't specify what platform they'd be releasing it on if it were to be made or what the series would be about. But they also asked "Which is your favorite Amiibo" and "Who is your favorite Nintendo Character?" This could mean their trying to either hide the fact their making some form of a series or show, or it could mean that their thinking of making it about a particular character and they haven't decided which one to make it about quite yet. I'd say Mario, but I don't know who'd they have incharge of the show and they might make it the wrong way.

All for now, Game On Gamers!