Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Amiibo Cards Update


Amiibo Update SSB

The 3DS got an update a while ago to support Amiibo functions and share saved replays/other to people you streetpass who also have SSB for 3DS. I got this update just yesterday, although it has been out for some time, the update was big and long, but in the end it just makes SSB more fun.
The big thing is, the NFC scanner hasn't come out to the original 3DS quite yet. its only on the N3DSXL console. So Amiibo has been added to the 3DS XL, but it won't be usable without an NFC scanner. 

Amiibo Cards

As is shown in the example on the far left of this post, it has been confirmed that Amiibo will be both available as cards and as figures somewhere down the road this year. Which is incredible because those, who can't afford the figures can buy the cards and collectors like me can simply purchase all of their favorite cards. I will be trying to get all Mario Amiibo cards of course. But the coolest part of all this is the possibilities, this could be the beginning of Nintendo adding characters to SSB or other kinds of basic things because its easier to mass-produce cards than it is figures, but don't worry gamers, the figures are still going to be around for a very long time. The figures were the very reason SSB was made so Amiibo will be around for a long time (in my personal opinion) Though I'm very excited to see where this whole CARD thing goes, will it be like Poke'mon or better? My guess is better, but I have no idea really.

All for now, Game On Gamers!