Monday, January 5, 2015

Mario Kart 8, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Amiboo [thats a lot going on]


Well, This New Years Weekend I played both SSB4 and Mario Kart 8 with my family and realized some very interesting things. Like on MK8 you can use directional flipping. When you hit a medium or large jump and tap the drift button (ZR) you can use the left analog stick to flip any which way you push it. But you must push the stick at the same time you press ZR in order to flip. These flipping Trick maneuvers don't always work. Yet their very fun to experiment with and try out all possible combinations. 


Right after Christmas 2014 I used my $50 gift card to purchase the Mario Kart 8 DLC, Both packs. I own the first pack right now but the second pack doesn't come out until May this year.
The first pack of DLC includes Tanooki Mario and The Excite Bike Arena which is by far the best course in the game ever (by my own opinion). To Quote Big N Daily: 
"I'm loving the new Mario Kart 8 DLC" 
I can't wait to get the second Courses pack,  Which includes Animal Crossing drivers


As everyone probably knows by now, I now own Five Amiibo figures.
The differences between Amiibo and Skylanders/Disney-Infinity are tremendous. It's like Nintendo took their lame figures and made them better. You don't need to keep the Amiibo on the access point,
You can edit your fighters to your liking, like actually giving them a nickname and changing their outfit/appearance. You can even edit the different Power moves your personal Amiibo fighters have.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited (for both WiiU and 3DS)
is an excellent game with an interesting storyline. Although focusing on magic, the story is playful and tells a tale of good VS evil, A lot like that of Plants VS Zombies. 

 I recently discovered that the 3DS version of Scribblenauts Unlimited doesn't have the Nintendo Characters in it. It was a bit of a let down that the portable version of the game doesn't have Mario, Luigi or Link. None of the Nintendo items are available either. So I later purchased the Scribblenauts Unlimited WiiU game over the WiiU eshop. And to my astonishment, The WiiU game  was 50x better than the 3DS game. Not only did it have more characters (of the Nintendo kind) but it also has more basic features and options. You even get a complete object editor.

In my personal opinion, the WiiU game is better but the 3DS game is portable. So either one of them is good but I prefer the WiiU edition and now I have both of them.

All for now, Game On Gamers!