Friday, January 16, 2015

Cube Creator VS MineCraft. Cube Creator 3D Demo Text Review

Well I downloaded a new Demo for the 3DS this week and found that it was a literal copy of Minecraft, with some exceptions. 1.This is only the demo so the full version (when released) could be much better then the demo game. 2.Minecraft is better than Cube Creator 3D, Minecraft has better animation for Water and lava and more options and choices in both Survival and creative. And there's this odd sounding music in the background in Cube Creator that kinda takes away from the game rather then adding to the experience. The Differences list can go on and on but the things that could possible make it a game worth getting are pretty few.

1 (and only 1 so far).The 3D
The 3D in the game is some of the best 3D you can experience, in a block-like world where you build houses and forts and try to survive, there's very little to See in great detail. but the 3D allows you to see the blocks like their really in front of you. With the 3D turned off it looks just like an average Minecraft Clone, but when its turned on you get a different depth perspective which allows you to maneuver in the block world like your actually there. Thats whats fun about the game. But just about everything else has room for improvment.

The space to build in and explore isn't very big at all, you barely have to move around the map before you can't go any further. There needs to be more space fore creativity. And you can't build that high either. The sample map in the demo features a castle structure where you can fly up to the very top and stand on the roof. Go any higher off the roof and you'll discover you can't build anymore, You'll be stopped by an invisible barrier like in Minecraft when you can't build any higher. But the space in this game is limited so much that it makes Minecraft the better choice.

When I first discovered there was going to be a Minecraft clone available on Nintendo systems, I was excited. But unless they improve the full game, I don't want it. It seems to me that this game would only be suitable for kids that don't have Minecraft but have a 3DS.

The blocks they give you are also extremely limited and items as well. The game is ok but doesn't  even come close to Minecraft just yet. Theres room for improvement but the game could get better.

All for now, Game On Gamers!