Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back In The Game

It appears that all the facts I've been told by a friend have been pure speculation and Rumor but theres a lot of rumors from other gamers who are convinced or slightly convinced that both Sega and Atari are getting back into the console developer game. Apparently theres a lot of talk of a Dreamcast 2 or Dreamcast X from Sega. But with Sega's Latest Sonic games primarily available on WiiU and 3DS, it seems to me that their playing it safe by Surviving off of Nintendo's sucess. And now it looks like they've changed their name to SEGA Beta. Beta stands for Test, as in: "The game is still in Beta".
Does this mean they don't feel strong enough to consider themselves a full fledge company? Or maybe they thought the word Beta sounded cool. I don't know personally. But I've been told that Both Atari and Sega are trying to get back in the console game. I was also told that Namco is trying something similar but won't be strong enough because Sega and Atari are slightly joining forces in secret. I know its unlikely that ALL of this is 100% True, but both companies are sitting on piles of Money so whos to say they won't try to GET BACK IN THE GAME eventually.

 All for now, Game On Gamers!