Monday, January 26, 2015

Animal Crossing Updates

For a while, I hadn't been playing Animal Crossing. But then my sisters each got the game and drug me back into it. I learned a lot over time. Like, no fruit is really the most expensive fruit, other than Perfect fruits. It all depends on the foreign fruits of your personal town.
Anyhoo, I've been playing a lot and I got a spotpass notification on the game so I checked the game for new update data and sure enough I could update the game. So I updated and started playing again. Thats when I got this letter in the virtual mail from Nintendo:

Its too bad that I don't pass by too many Nintendo Zones, But at least the rest of the world gets to enjoy this interesting and kinda' cool promo from Nintendo. I think this promo was started primarily because of the Club Nintendo SHUT DOWN Announcement.
I hope someday, Nintendo brings Sledding into Animal Crossing New Leaf. 
That would be Awesomtacular! 
All for now, Game On Gamers!