Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mario Month- Super Mario 3D Land

 Well I promised one final Mario Month review so I'm doing it today for the holiday weekend. I did say a Full review but I can only write so much before my fingers bleed okay. Super Mario 3D Land is one of the few 3D portable Mario games to come out soon after the 3DS launch but I suspect more NEW Super Mario games after the release of the New Nintendo 3DS will be on the way. For now, this 3D game is one of a kind. It's story has a style set in a land where you have to travel in a 3D perspective. Although done very well, I almost wish there was more story to follow with after it was conquered but I beat it all and now I tend to revisit the last level from time-to-time just for fun. But the game itself was also done very well. It's as if they modernized the original Super Mario land, added 3D, Princess Peach and Luigi and Toad and a Tanooki leaf. As I say about most Mario Games, I love every Mario game!! But I do have to be honest with my reviews so I'll tell you the best and the worst of it,

The Tanooki Tail alone provides easy navigation in the maps, and fun swing attack action. I also like how enemies found out that they can also use power-ups now. And they've been rather consistent ever since NSMB [DS].

THE WORST: Some levels provide a level of difficulty that is extreme!! While others are just plain simple. It was almost to easy and I beat it rather quickly. In just two days actually.

But without challenge it wouldn't be fun and without winning theres no point in getting a NEW game. So all in all, Super Mario 3D World is basically a mini game prequel to Super Mario 3D world for WiiU but is definitely worth  playing.

Happy last day of Mario Month -- All for now,

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

New, New, New!

NEW. Seems like people can only call something new so many times until its old. But still, people tag the word NEW infront of stuff. No offense really, I like the NEW 3DS's and all of NSMB. But I've heard before people wonder why their still called NEW. So i thought I'd say to the world that I sometimes wonder the same thing. Like why the NEW 3DS's aren't called somthing a bit more sophisticated like "The Super 3DS" Hey it worked for the sequel to the NES so why not with the sequel to the 3DS. Anyhoo, it's all NEW and coming out soon. Speaking of NEW, these 3DS's have taken spins on the old 3DS's and have run off with them, not only are they faster and have interchangeable faceplates, but they also have more buttons and the ability to support  micro SD's. oddly enough the Stylus's aren't on the top or on the right but instead it's on the bottom of the console's. We may not know much about the newest additions to Nintendo's legacy but we do know that Nintendo never fails to impress with their latest editions.

All for now,

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Friday, August 29, 2014

A NEW 3DS, way too soon.

Hey Gamers, BIG news... I don't think anyone saw this coming anytime soon but Nintendo has now put out a china/japan trailer/demonstration for a new 3DS and 3DS XL already. Now I'm sure everyone expected Nintendo to keep making consoles/Handhelds because thats what they make... But I wouldn't think Nintendo would just up and make a new kind 3DS called NEW. So weird for it all to just up and happen. It took me forever just to transfer my one 3DS over to my XL. Now in order to keep up-to-date the new XL is going on my list. But even worse is that I'll have to do a system transfer again and I'll probably have to get new 3DS games too. As will the rest of the world as Nintendo releases their newest line of stylish and extremely complex 3DS's, Game On Gamers!

The Japanese trailer:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Will never grow old.

Not to mean this literally or anything like that, but it appears that Mario Kart 8 is infact the one biggest WiiU game that will never age. What I mean is: [according to My Nintendo News] Mario Kart 8 Will always and forver be able to keep itself  BRAND-NEW.  Of course not all of the stuff you'll be able to get will be free but We'll always be able to get brand new stuff like DLC to keep our games fresh. I think these new DLCs their introducing/Leaking out right now are just a step in the new direction that most New Nintendo games will most-likely take. This pack alone includes new characters and courses. They most-likely won't even make a MarioKart 9 until they run out of ideas for this one. and even by then people will probably keep on playing number 8!! This new leaked info is making me that much more excited to play/own Mario Kart 8 on my anniversary on September 23rd. It'll be my six Gamer/collectors year and my first time playing Mario Kart 8. The first Mario Kart game where you can drive upside down and play in HD so far. And now I find that Animal Crossing characters and courses will be available as well!! YaY!  I can't wait to see what Nintendo does next. Maybe Pikmin can drive a car?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mario Month-NSMB2

This is not going to be an average text review because this is mainly going to be speaking on a couple facts I just rediscovered. Going through some of my old 3DS notifications, I found one that announced the arrival of NSMB2 for 3DS when it first came out and with it, it said that it was the start of a Month of Mario. Which later was called "Mario Month." So then how come Nintendo is playing on and on the fact that this month is peach month, and is releasing Mega-man deals instead of Super Mario deals. This Month of Mario is almost over. I suggest that we not let this month be forgotten as simply Peach month or a Mega-Man deal month. This is Mario Month.
As for NSMB2, This game is a bit different from the other Mario games. As an New Super Mario bros game its relatable to its line of games. But as a Mario game itself, its completely different. The goal of the game isn't really to beat the game but to collect the most coins within the game. When you collect enough you get a gold mario statue on your main-screen which is pretty Awesomtacular. I've yet to get this statue because you need to earn like 1 billion or something just to get it. The game itself is fun and you'll love the end level too. But not nearly as fun as Coin Rush. Where you try your hardest to earn the most coins within a time-limit and no deaths or you end the challenge. For Gamers, its a real treat of a challenge! On a scale of awesomeness though, its not the BEST Mario game ever. But if your a fan like me, its one to buy definitely.
And if you like Super Mario at all, then why not buy the game that started Mario Month?
I recommend playing this on a 3DS XL if you can because its much easier to view it all as it happens. When SSB comes out I'm sure it will also be easier to view on the XL over the regular. But again, thats only if you have the option to play on an XL or not. All for now,
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

SSB New roster leak Real or Fake?

Hey Gamers, the big thing going around in the world of Gaming today is that a full SSB Roster was released a while ago. Yes, We now have the full list of playable characters for the new SSB games which Angry Birds is sadly not on. But to be perfectly honest, this could just be a impractical joke played by some dork with Photoshop. People don't really know when they've passed a limit with photo editing software. They need to stop when it gets completely unbelievable but people just don't.
But if this final roster listing is true and discovered from the demo like claimed. then we'll be able to play Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr and Doctor Mario as a separate character from Mario.  But Like I said I have no Idea if all this is true or not. SSB for 3DS and WiiU should be out soon.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My glasses, oh no!! My glasses!

 Hey Gamers! I decided to talk today on my signature glasses which I purchased last week. They came so quickly and looked so Awesomtacular, I couldn't believe they were mine and I wore them out the first time I got them and I got my Nintendo zapper that day too. That was so cool and then what happened, I found them one day to be snapped in two spots close to the lenses. The only pair like them online and they break on me. I couldn't believe it. I ordered a new pair of non-pixelated glasses that look similar to my old ones but still, I paid almost $10.00 for glasses that break in a week. The person I ordered from offered to replace them for me but they'd probably just break like my old pair, so I ordered a new normal looking pair of square black framed glasses with red frames. Hopefully they'll last and won't have to be replaced like my old ones which now sit on my shelves as a memory of the week that they lasted me. They were pretty schweet looking and I wanted to wear them for years and instead wore them out only 1 time. They were cool while I had them I guess. Again, I srsly hope these new glasses last...

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mario Month-SMB2 WiiU text review

For a Mario game the 2nd and 3rd are not my Favs, although still worth having... I mainly get them just to collect. It's kinda' like my new Nintendo Zapper I got a while ago. I mainly have it for the collectible-ity of it.
Unless I buy an NES anytime soon then i won't use it anytime soon... But its stinking cool!!
SMB2 is worth collecting and kinda' fun too, but just as I had a hard time with the original in All-Stars. I pretty much have an even harder time with this version. The biggest upside is that VC versions also provide a save screen that allows you to continue where you left off.
SMB2 also wasn't originally supposed to be a Super Mario game but later was changed into one. It's original name was Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic which was changed to SMB2 and altered for the american market. The real SMB2 was then changed into SMB the lost levels. Not that much different to the original SMB game but definitely enhanced for more difficulty. SMB2 is a WiiU must-have, mainly for its history and how it changed things so much for the world of Super Mario.
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Chibi-Robo photo Finder Text review

 Hey Gamers, as you all probably know by now I've finally got Chibi-Robo Photo Finder. It's a downloadable 3DS game that costs about the same as the DK VS Mario 3DS downloadable game. $9.99 which is obviously really $10.00 plus TAX. Chibi-Robo PF is a very fun game but you have to work very hard to do much of anything. I found that the quicker you buy film with Happy Points [What you earn to progress] and the quicker you put new items on display in your Nostaljunk Museum, the quicker the game progresses. Eventually you do get to play longer, with 100 watts instead of just 50. But that doesn't matter for me because my SD card needs to be replaced. My save data is corrupted on many of my games so whats the point of continually playing if all your data isn't saved. Anyhoo the game is a lot of fun and is worth buying. Hopefully I can soon replace my SD and get back to playing it without loosing all of my progress every time. The game is a decent pace but you will get sick of the way the characters talk. I am but I'm also almost used to it now. Sadly I have to start over again . But my time spent on the game was fun and its full of comedic scenes to enjoy.
Although you have to work hard you will have fun in this game, I do recommend it. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself if you want.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Collection update and Double review for 8/14/2014

So for this post I've prepared a vid, but I also think I'll be making a FULL text review for Chibi-Robo Photo Finder aside from this post. Until then, here you go.

Most of the music in this vid is from Over Clocked Remix.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mario Month-Super Mario Sunshine-Full review

Well Gamers, I've finally beat Super Mario Sunshine... Last Week. 
Last weekend Thursday-Saturday, I went with my Familia to the U.P. [U-PEE] But the very day before we left, I conquered Super Mario Sunshine! Super Mario Sunshine is definitely a defining game for all future Mario games past it, its what spawned of Galaxy and 3D World and you can find a lot of similarities between Sunshine and 64 and Galaxy1&2. It reminds me so much of the Galaxy games that sometimes you start to play it like a SMGalaxy game. LOL, GCube doesn't have Motion control, So I'd sometimes try to get Mario to spin by shaking, but that sadly doesn't happen. 

1.What I like about it,
Realy? Whats not to like about this game? From what I can tell, not much. The game is Awesomtacular.
You can perform many different flips and jumps if you practice them, Your F.L.U.D.D. Does not empty SUPER-quick. You can put on sunglasses in some levels. Mario does get his vacation. Bowser Talks...
He doesn't ever talk any other time or in any other game ever, so this voice is one to go off of for the future.

2.Gameplay and controls,
For first-timers its one that requires practice. But the game is relatively easy to control when you get used to it. And even after beating it, you still wanna' keep playing it. Some levels are harder to figure out than others but the challenge is what Pro gamers keep playing games like this for. So if your up for the challenge, Game On!

When you find King Boo, hit em' with a pepper then another Fruit, Do this three times to beat em', You'll understand it when you get there.

4. My few dislikes.
Well I said there wasn't many things I didn't like but here they are, Yoshi dissolves in water and must be constantly fed. There's no sequel to Sunshine, only continuations from it. [Galaxy games].

5. Why should you buy?
The very question is now asked of the WiiU, Why get it?? The answer is simply "Because its Nintendo and Nintendo hardly ever disappoints." If You ever want a challenge of fun in the Sun indoors on a cold snowy day then this is the game for you, If you want to see how Mario got to the Galaxy games than this is the game for you, If you want to know more into the SMB universe than wait no more because his is the game for you. And all Gamers!

Not much more can be said on this right now so,
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mario Month- Will there be a galaxy 3?

Since Galaxy 2 came out and I beat it and I played it until my Eyes turned into raisins, I've been waiting for Galaxy 3, Theres been talk, theres been rumor and speculation. Theres been hope and determination to keep hoping. But still, there hasn't been a peep from Nintendo on a Galaxy 3 game. No, not even a marshmallow PEEP. But still, we wait on for another sequel to the Super Mario franchise of this kind. Galaxy games are set apart from the regular Mario games, although every Mario game is fun, these games have a style all their own. I've found out recently that Super Mario 3D World is the sequel to Galaxy 2, but why not make a galaxy 3 with F.L.U.D.D. for the WiiU and also put it on the 3DS, It would be Awesomtacular to have the adventure on WiiU and in 3D, it could even be 2 different games! Why not?! It's not like there were that many Mario related titles announced at this years E3, so why not announce that their working on something like this, I guarantee that $ALE$ will go UP if they do this, but this is no suggestion, just a simple Fan-request and recommendation. PLZ Nintendo, do this for your loyal fans!!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mega-Man month?

O-K, so I know its not realy Mega Man month because its Mario Month right now, but every Thursday in August Nintendo will release new WiiU Virtual Console games with capcom. All of Megaman. IDK, but what is the deal with capcom and Nintendo. It's like Nintendo's planning something with them right now, they've come onto Nintendo Minute and into SSB and now this... Makes you think.

It's kinda' sad that Nintendo hasn't done anything for Mario in memory of the Mario Month they once created. Sad... Because I remember every year, I never forget. Nintendo should do something for the character that has literally made Nintendo what it is...
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

My text review of Pikmin 3

I know that its now Mario Month and all, but I've been playing a lot of Pikmin 3, being that i got it FREE just a while ago. So today I'm giving it a basic review.
The Gameplay is very simplistic, most of the controls are through touch on the gamepad so I don't think its to hard to learn for gamers that are just starting out, I now play other games and forget that I'm not playing Pikmin because of how easily I memorized the controls. Captain Olimar was the original star of the Pikmin Franchise and now three aliens from another starving planet come to earth around the same time that Olimar does and at one point you'll have to rescue him. So the game stays true to the original concept, it follows a path and does not drift to far from the storyline in every game. What I mean is, there's little-to-no inconsistencies. Which I've made clear that I hate...

My few dislikes are that you kinda' grow attached to the pikmin and at night (if you don't have them with you) The pikmin will be eaten by nocturnal predators. but I guess if the game didn't provide a challenge it wouldn't be fun. Practically all of my games tell me to take breaks, this game doesn't and its pretty much the only game I feel I need to take breaks on.

The graphics are amazing, I only have a 740p TV and man is it stunning, I recommend you play this game more on the Gamepad because the Gamepad has is easier to control than just the TV, being the whole thing is a touch screen and your not just playing with the touch screen from off the TV. I've been told that the Gamepad screen is 720p and not 1080p HD, but compared to my TV, the Gamepad screen is Awesomtacular with WiiU games. Although my TV is still decent.

The style of the game is simple yet complex in a way, if you practice a lot then you'll soon find it to be less challenging. Stock up on fruit because when your low on fruit then your crew won't have food to use and survive long enough to beat the game.
Not much more I can say accept that I'm now addicted and I need to start playing more Mario for this month,

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Friday, August 1, 2014

The first day of Mario month 2014...

I pretty much covered last month's update yesterday so this post is mainly to wish you a happy Mario Month and August. And give you all a rough idea of all that I plan to do this month...

  • It's now officially Mario Month so I'll be playing mostly Mario games the whole month. YaY! 
  • I'm making a review of 9+ Mario games for Mario Month.
  • I plan to beat Super Mario Sunshine in Mario Month.
  • I plan to buy and collect more mario products than ever from, August through September.
  • September 23rd is my Collectors/gamers Anniversary.
  • September 23rd is Nintendo's a my Birthday, LOL. It's true..
  • My Blog is now under the title "AR-Cade Gaming".  Not  "AR-Cade's"  
All for now,  Game on Gamers!