Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Update TEXT review Avengers Battle For Earth

Avengers Battle for Earth is an old ARCADE style game but in 3D and you face your enemies head-on, instead of playing it like a side-scroller game. I once said that the game was worth picking up but its not. Sadly I was wrong, When I wrote that original review I had not yet beat the game. Right after you conquer the game completely, then you realize playing through it again is completely pointless because all you will be able to do is continue a fight that is already over. at least in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you can keep finding new things to do (RARELY) after you beat the game. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't worth playing through because it drifted so far off from the films that it became an entirely different story with different characters and voices that don't make any sense in comparison to the films. In my opinion, they're OK but not worth buying.
Maybe rental, but not buying.

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