Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Next Big Mario Game

I've heard that in a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto said that Mario will have a big new adventure on each new Nintendo console. This has got me and many others thinking that Super Mario 3D World may be the last BIG Mario game on the WiiU. But what about the Wii?? Mario had 2 Big adventures and 1 medium adventure on the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel were both on the Wii and no Galaxy game has been made for WiiU yet. We shouldn't assume that Galaxy 3 will not happen on WiiU. The WiiU is barely more than two years old so it still has some money making power left. They may as well start making more games for WiiU NOW. Before it becomes a passing fad. We want Mario Galaxy three, a Sunshine 2, More DLC and SSB4 content. We haven't given up on the WiiU and we won't. My prediction/hopes for the WiiU is that it will get 1 more BIG Super Mario game.

All for now, Game On Gamers!