Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minecraft Pocket Edition text review

I thought I would never own Minecraft. But I guess I thought wrong, because I now own Minecraft Pocket Edition for my brand new Windows phone and it's Awesomtacular. I haven't quite made it to survival mode yet. I'm so wrapped up I creative mode that I. Can't stop until my mansion/fort is complete. I must say that Minecraft is much better and easier to play than its many free clones are. And I find that its easier to pls a sandbox building game on a mobile touch device than a PC. I recommend Pocket Edition over PC or Playstation/Xbox because there's less restraint. With Pocket Edition you can take your Minecraft anywhere and everywhere that you can take your mobile device. I still believe they should put Minecraft on the 3DS and WiiU, but I don't believe they will now that the rights belong solely to Microsoft. Now they've even rebranded the game *Mojang/Microsoft*.
Its a great game for passing time or just going crazy-creative in a world of blocks.

I've now played the game in both modes and found that the survival mode made the game more challenging and offered more of an adventure to experience. The only down side to the entire game is that sometimes it gets rather plain and dull, hours go by in the real world while entire days pass by in the game and over time you feel rather bored when nothing's happening at all. So I reccomened you keep yourself busy in this game, go exploring. Don't just build and stay in one particular area. Just yesterday I fought off a few wolves with a stone axe.

 All for now, GAME ON GAMERS.