Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Update TEXT review Avengers Battle For Earth

Avengers Battle for Earth is an old ARCADE style game but in 3D and you face your enemies head-on, instead of playing it like a side-scroller game. I once said that the game was worth picking up but its not. Sadly I was wrong, When I wrote that original review I had not yet beat the game. Right after you conquer the game completely, then you realize playing through it again is completely pointless because all you will be able to do is continue a fight that is already over. at least in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you can keep finding new things to do (RARELY) after you beat the game. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't worth playing through because it drifted so far off from the films that it became an entirely different story with different characters and voices that don't make any sense in comparison to the films. In my opinion, they're OK but not worth buying.
Maybe rental, but not buying.

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The Next Big Mario Game

I've heard that in a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto said that Mario will have a big new adventure on each new Nintendo console. This has got me and many others thinking that Super Mario 3D World may be the last BIG Mario game on the WiiU. But what about the Wii?? Mario had 2 Big adventures and 1 medium adventure on the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel were both on the Wii and no Galaxy game has been made for WiiU yet. We shouldn't assume that Galaxy 3 will not happen on WiiU. The WiiU is barely more than two years old so it still has some money making power left. They may as well start making more games for WiiU NOW. Before it becomes a passing fad. We want Mario Galaxy three, a Sunshine 2, More DLC and SSB4 content. We haven't given up on the WiiU and we won't. My prediction/hopes for the WiiU is that it will get 1 more BIG Super Mario game.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Buy a Bundle

Mario Kart 8 and SSB4 we're two of this year's best rated games and they're both Awesomtacular.

A while ago I was passing by the Gaming section in Walmart and overheard two guys talking about Mario Kart 8, The WiiU, their kids, Xbox and the PS4. They just couldn't decide on what they wanted to buy. It was most likely a Christmas present for the kids, but why did it take so long for them to decide? I know that not everyone is just like me when it comes to gaming, but I'd choose Mario Kart 8 over Assassin's Creed any day. I was rather surprised that they stood over by the games so long before finally choosing Mario Kart 8. I'm just saying that if you had to pick one over the other for the time being that Mario Kart 8 is definitely the one to pick. I got my WiiU the year of release (at Christmas) and I love it! But When I first got the console I was just laying around because the only WiiU game I had was the bundled Nintendo Land and I only had 1 controller at the time as well, so it was kinda' boring. But now the console is released with so many high quality bundles like WiiU + Mario Kart 8 or WiiU + NSMBU + NSLU. The bundles double the value of the console from the minute you turn it on, especially the bundle with Mario Kart 8. I recommend you buy a Bundle if you plan to buy a WiiU.

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Amiibo Cards

Amiibo has hit the market and has already stolen the hearts of many loyal Nintendo fans despite the figure quality drop and constant issues with Toys R Us.

But Now we know that the many discontinued figures may be available as cards someday soon, so if you want to have all the amiibo, you may possible have to also purchase cards. Which are probably going to be ten dollars a piece, like the photos with mario cards.

You do have to wonder though, whats the big deal!? Why have they had so many problems with a simple figure launch and tons of loyal customers??

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Miyamoto's Mario of the future

Shigeru Miyamoto  has apparently said that Mario will either take on a new role or have a new type of game in the next Nintendo console. I find this info to be both intriguing and startling. What will Mario do? What will Mario's new role be? Will the console be a ten foot tall Mario? Can I afford it? All these questions and more came to mind when I went to Nintendo World Report and read that Mr. Miyamoto is already thinking on the future of Mario, possible changing Mario's career completely.

"I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game," Miyamoto said about Mario's future.

I wonder whats next for the Gaming World's most popular plumber...    O.O
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minecraft Pocket Edition text review

I thought I would never own Minecraft. But I guess I thought wrong, because I now own Minecraft Pocket Edition for my brand new Windows phone and it's Awesomtacular. I haven't quite made it to survival mode yet. I'm so wrapped up I creative mode that I. Can't stop until my mansion/fort is complete. I must say that Minecraft is much better and easier to play than its many free clones are. And I find that its easier to pls a sandbox building game on a mobile touch device than a PC. I recommend Pocket Edition over PC or Playstation/Xbox because there's less restraint. With Pocket Edition you can take your Minecraft anywhere and everywhere that you can take your mobile device. I still believe they should put Minecraft on the 3DS and WiiU, but I don't believe they will now that the rights belong solely to Microsoft. Now they've even rebranded the game *Mojang/Microsoft*.
Its a great game for passing time or just going crazy-creative in a world of blocks.

I've now played the game in both modes and found that the survival mode made the game more challenging and offered more of an adventure to experience. The only down side to the entire game is that sometimes it gets rather plain and dull, hours go by in the real world while entire days pass by in the game and over time you feel rather bored when nothing's happening at all. So I reccomened you keep yourself busy in this game, go exploring. Don't just build and stay in one particular area. Just yesterday I fought off a few wolves with a stone axe.

 All for now, GAME ON GAMERS.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nintendo-Sony... The partnership??

Nintendo and Sony are complete rivals and never to partner up, yet somehow Sony Animation (Not the parent company) can join up with Ninto just because their not the one's who made the playstation. Tell me this, if you owned a company would you want your subdivisions joining up with your rival company. No matter how you put it, this entire "Mario getting a movie" Rumor is weird. Whether its actually happening or not, this rumor is weird, if I owned a major company that has a gaming subdivision making a console thats a rival for another gaming company giant like Nintendo then I wouldn't want to allow my animation subdivision to go and be friends with the rival of my Gaming division. It just doesn't make sense at all. If you feel it does then fine but I just don't get it. Nintendo should just make a film all on their own by making their own film division instead of partnering up with Sony Animation.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Super Mario getting a movie

Brace yourselves Gamers a new rumor has made its way onto the internet. Sony Animation is reportedly now working on a Super Mario Movie. I hope they don't screw this up and ruin Mario by changing the story to make it work for a film adaptation. They can make a film of this, it is possible. But will they make it the right way? It could be that they make it just like the very first Super Mario Bros. Live action film. But who knows, they could make it good. Super Mario has been my favorite Gaming hero since I was two so if they do mess this up, both companies (Sony and Nintendo) will be getting constant angry fan letters from me. So I hope (again) that they make it right so that I don't have to continually write letters.

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