Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Full Text Review

 I think that the coolest part of this game is the whole look of the game's icon when you put it in your 3DS/DS game system. It's seriously cool and I think it pays homage to Mario's roots. It's also a bit funny to look at with the whole 8-bit look and proper color scheme.

The whole game is taking one part out of Mario sports mix and cramming it into a tiny card for portable fun. I've played Mario Sports Mix and the Basket ball part is really the only part I played constantly so, to be able to take that part wherever I go is schweet!

When you first turn on the game you think it's all gonna' be 2D and cartoonish like the Mario And luigi games. Well, NO its like a lame 3D. Which is much better than side scrolling basket ball.  I was very impressed with the graphics for the mini game that it is. The game is fun and portable and cool, so why not get it?
Now time for my dislikes...

The Game is almost too easy that its boring, no challenge makes for a horrible game. And then theres the whole lack of control issue. With the Wii game sports mix you have more control and you can play the game with ease. A little challenge as well.
And finally there's the fact that it resembles Sports mix almost too much. So much that it's like a spin off of that game.

Here's why I think its still a good game:

1. Its Mario (The real mario/ No paper involved)
2. The graphics are decent for it being a smaller game
3. The style and gameplay are fun
4. if you like basket ball then why not play it Mario style.

Mario always makes good-fun games to play. So this may not be his best but I'd say its no-spin off game, it's Mario (official). Although I don't care for Square Enix putting FFantasy in Mario Sports mix, I think they can make a good Mario game if they tried.

All for now, Game On Gamers!