Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 If you wanna' take a trip down memory-lane and experience something that has no memory of what you did last if you turn it off, then this is the type of console for you. Just like the ol' AV cable Battery powered games that you'd plug into the TV to play a few small games, these consoles play hundreds of original games all in one console. Of course, the games are all pretty generic, old-fashioned, hard to control and 100% Retro. But those could be your primary reasons to buy one of em', I don't know.
Flashback's are now all over the place, Walmart, dollar stores, Meijer... The Sega Genesis seems to be the better deal out of the 4 I've discovered so far, Because you not only get 80 games built in but you also get the abillity to play genesis cartridges on the console/device. Although it's not the actual consoles, I own one of the original Flashbacks and it does feel like the real deal, so these may feel the same way. If you wanna' get any one of these for Christmas then I recommend the Genesis.
All for now, Game On Gamers!