Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 If you wanna' take a trip down memory-lane and experience something that has no memory of what you did last if you turn it off, then this is the type of console for you. Just like the ol' AV cable Battery powered games that you'd plug into the TV to play a few small games, these consoles play hundreds of original games all in one console. Of course, the games are all pretty generic, old-fashioned, hard to control and 100% Retro. But those could be your primary reasons to buy one of em', I don't know.
Flashback's are now all over the place, Walmart, dollar stores, Meijer... The Sega Genesis seems to be the better deal out of the 4 I've discovered so far, Because you not only get 80 games built in but you also get the abillity to play genesis cartridges on the console/device. Although it's not the actual consoles, I own one of the original Flashbacks and it does feel like the real deal, so these may feel the same way. If you wanna' get any one of these for Christmas then I recommend the Genesis.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SSB4 Glitches, already?

Although I will still occasionally post videos from time-to-time, I will now be posting mainly in text from now on.

It appears that someone has already found a glitch in SSB4. I plan to also find glitches in this game as well, but for now I will have to simply watch other people's glitches. This one cought my attention at  Escpesially because it said it was from SSB4. Wow, this is incredible. If you want a first hand look at possible future glitches in WiiU, then watch this: .

But one thing keeps bothering me, Could this have been faked? It's been less than a week since the game was released. Could someone really have found a glitch this fast? Well I suppose they could of if the played it like I played Arkham city and origins.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Amibio are here.

Amiibo are finally here, as well as SSB for WiiU. Although I'm very excited for both, I can't wait to get my hands on Amiibo. The one that I would like to have the most is of course Mario. But I'm excited to collect a good amount of the figs. I've already found them in both meijer and Walmart. Their all 12.99 a piece and still look like their in good condition, despite their quality lowering below gamers standards.

As for SSB4, When you get both games (WiiU & 3DS) then you can get a FREE CD from Club Nintendo! So hopefully I'll get the game for christmas so that I can apply for the CD. I'm excited for this Christmas. I've got a feeling it'll be awesomtacular.

If you'd like to get Amiibo now, then you'd better hurry and get em' fast because this Weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, which is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


The legendary game to stop the constant complaints that Minecraft isn't on WiiU (the perfect console for it) Is now supposedly branching out. Due to the lack of funding from the games failed kickstarter program, Nexis games is trying to put UCraft into other gaming consoles besides the WiiU. This makes no sense to me, because the U in the title pretty much declares this a WiiU game and not an Xbox or PS4 game. Still, Nexis says that unless their new "Exclusive to WiiU" Kickstarter gets enough funding, they will be branching out and making UCraft a generic "Any console" game.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas is coming

 Nintendo has officially released their gift guide for Christmas 2015. *Gasp!!* Oh sorry, Holliday 2015. Sorry but I honestly don't care, It's Christmas to me, always has been and it always will be. Christmas is a magical time, its also a great time if you're a GC (Gamer & Collector) like me. Because if theirs one thing you may get around christmas it's Nintendo Games. You can Go to Nintendo and Make a list through them or just make an old-fashioned list on paper. Whatever you choose to do is fine, But I made a list through Nintendo and it seemed to be just as good as a list on paper. Except for their merchandise category. There was little to no merchandise at all to choose from, luckily I'm not oblivious to the other Nintendo Merchandise items in stores worldwide.
I believe everyone will be looking forward to getting SSB for WiiU and also get the CD from Club Nintendo with Both. That Special promotion will last through the start of January 2015 so many people will most-likely qualify (including me). If you can't find what you're looking for then go ahead and look somewhere else. But the Toys R' Us Catalog had like no Mario in it at all this year. So I think this List guide is pretty Decent. Because this one does have Mario in it. Of course.

"Because it's Nintendo"- Reggie 

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Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Full Text Review

 I think that the coolest part of this game is the whole look of the game's icon when you put it in your 3DS/DS game system. It's seriously cool and I think it pays homage to Mario's roots. It's also a bit funny to look at with the whole 8-bit look and proper color scheme.

The whole game is taking one part out of Mario sports mix and cramming it into a tiny card for portable fun. I've played Mario Sports Mix and the Basket ball part is really the only part I played constantly so, to be able to take that part wherever I go is schweet!

When you first turn on the game you think it's all gonna' be 2D and cartoonish like the Mario And luigi games. Well, NO its like a lame 3D. Which is much better than side scrolling basket ball.  I was very impressed with the graphics for the mini game that it is. The game is fun and portable and cool, so why not get it?
Now time for my dislikes...

The Game is almost too easy that its boring, no challenge makes for a horrible game. And then theres the whole lack of control issue. With the Wii game sports mix you have more control and you can play the game with ease. A little challenge as well.
And finally there's the fact that it resembles Sports mix almost too much. So much that it's like a spin off of that game.

Here's why I think its still a good game:

1. Its Mario (The real mario/ No paper involved)
2. The graphics are decent for it being a smaller game
3. The style and gameplay are fun
4. if you like basket ball then why not play it Mario style.

Mario always makes good-fun games to play. So this may not be his best but I'd say its no-spin off game, it's Mario (official). Although I don't care for Square Enix putting FFantasy in Mario Sports mix, I think they can make a good Mario game if they tried.

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