Thursday, October 9, 2014

SSB4 Full Text Review

Smash 3DS review:

What I like: 

Well For SSB, theres not a lot I don't like (but I suppose thats how it is with most games I play)
SSB4 has some things in it though that I like more-so than I thought I would. For instance: You can literally edit your fighters and Mii-fighters, Customize them and make them your own. The Mii Fighter was actually a prediction of mine. But enough about Mii.

The Style of the game is definitely an upgrade from the previous SSB Brawl. I like how it feels to play it, when you knock someone off the stage it feels like a big accomplishment. And when you loose, you feel angered to get revenge on your previous opponent. At least thats how it makes me feel. The graphics are pretty good for a 3DS game. The Stages are all very fun and enjoyable. When you want to play on a flat (non-moving stage) You can hit form and play on any stage like its the Final destination stage. I like the gameplay of it as well, although it does take a while to master the controls. 

The 3D (as I have said before) is phenomenal! When the Winner title comes up and you won, You'll see a characters Limb or the word Winner slightly pop out at you. That alone sealed the deal with the Demo (before buying the game).  I was also happy to find out that the full game does allow you to take photos of your gameplay. I wasn't able to take any photos in the Club Nintendo Demo at all and that made me worried that the full game wouldn't have it. But it does. Awesomtacular!

♪♪ The 3DS version of SSB4 also has a music gallery and a mode where you can close up your 3DS and keep listening to the music on your list, just like an MP3 Player. You can even listen to your favorite tracks on repeat! This mode blew me away, it was definitely a big surprise and probably one of my favorite parts of this amazing game. ♫♫

What I don't Like:

I don't like how long it takes to get used too, but it must be challenging to be fun. So I do understand why it takes a while to get used to the control scheme. Controlling the characters can sometimes be difficult, you have to turn your character before fighting because your direction also controls the direction of your attack. This can sometimes really mess up a fight. But thats the way SSB has always been so I guess they cannot really change that.


Nothing needs to change on this game and I'm looking forward to Amiibo, I want to train my own personal version of Super Mario to come in and help me when I need it most. Cannot wait! The WiiU version looks to be even more fun than the 3DS one but really, SSB has and will always be fun.

All for now, Game On Gamers!