Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miyamoto is working in the Garage

After reading an interview in Edge Magazine, I find that I agree with Shigeru Miyamoto's opinion in gaming more now. Like for instance, He thinks that the bloody shooter games are made with a certain creative immiturity about them. I think the same thing, he thinks that It's too easy to do what everyone else is doing and he hopes that Nintendo will always try to do things new and differently than everyone else. Thats what the thought was with Splatoon. Splatoon and other prototypes coming out soon where/are apart of a new project Nintendo has created to last around a year called: Garage. Garage is for the younger workers at Nintendo to collaborate with Mr.Miyamoto and Co. Thats how we got Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World too. It's pretty unbelievable but its true, Garage seems to be a rather good program. I'm excited to see the progression, to see what comes next I mean. Wouldn't it be awesome if a sunshine 2 came out or even a WiiU version of Sunshine 1 on Virtual console came from this? Or what if Nintendo put out a Super Mario Galaxy 3 from this studio? The options from now til' 2016 are practically limitless.

People say all the time that Nintendo is doomed... May I remind you that that's exactly what people said about the Gamecube (I've been told). And now EVERYBODY wants one of them!! Because Now people think that's an awesomtacular console! Because it is/was one! Recently someone put out a vid saying 10 facts on why Nintendo is doomed... REALLY?! Here we go again, Honestly he took a jab at everyone who's a Nintendo fan because he's a Sega guy. Nothin' wrong with liking Sega really, its just that we don't usually take jabs at NextGen & Sega Nut fans so why do they always seem to attack us with their words. The old Slogan Sega does what Nintendon't.... What do they do that Nintendo doesn't, Not try to stay in business, not focusing on what gamers WANT, Fail as company and rely on other companies? Honestly the only reason Sonic has survived this long is because Nintendo let him. No offense, because Sonic's a decent character. I just think Sonic has been altered way-too-much. Sonic needs to be the Sonic in SSB, not the Sonic from Sonic Boom (AKA: Sonic Flop) Nintendo is NOT Doomed.

One of the main reasons Nintendo is claimed doomed is because they make too many wacky games and need to focus on the classics. OK well listen to this, For years everything was clone after clone of Space invades and space shooters. All the settings and storylines and characters and sprites ETC. Were all SPACE themed shooters and no one thought out-side the box. Then someone came and changed all that with a Carpenter saving a girl from a barrel throwing monkey on a construction site.

That man was/is Shigeru Miyamoto. He made Mario and he hopes that Nintendo will always be the kind of company that tries something new and doesn't follow the crowd. After DK he made Super Mario Bros. Which (at the time) was as wacky as a game could get. That game is still today how people rate/judge a game. They look back and compare their BRAND-New games to that 8-bit plumber running in a land of mushrooms! So I personally think that Nintendo is NOT Doomed. That they know exactly what their doing and that they will always know what their doing because they've survived for over 100 years! Sega of America got started by a man who saw a Gameboy! Nintendo is NOT doomed.

In the Edge Magazine interview, Miyamoto was asked why Nintendo didn't go along with all the bloody shooter software and he said this "It's not Nintendo's way to do that, It's got to be different from what everybody else is doing." They asked him why Nintendo wasn't making a more photo realistic shooter and instead making splatoon. He told them that he liked the controls and he liked the gameplay but I think when he said all this that He realizes that their has to be a fine-line between reality and fiction. That's why no matter how HD everything at Nintendo becomes, it's still all fun and games and does not feel like it could be real. That's what makes it all fun, Because its Wacky and Different.
"Because it's Nintendo."-Reggie Fils-Amie 
All for now, Game On Gamers!