Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amiibo-Figure quality

There seems to be a lot of buzz going around about Amiibo lately, starting with 1 new fact. Amiibo quality
has decreased. One of the major selling points for Amiibo was that they looked Awesomtacular! Now they look almost average. And Peach's arm is fat. Ok, Wider than before. But honestly I can tell why fans are having such a hard time accepting these figures as what they are because Nintendo showed us ones that look better, what I don't understand is that Nintendo has never done something like this (that I'm aware of) before. Amiibo looked like HD characters so therefore they should be like HD Characters now. But their not... I have no idea what to do about this at all, we can't change what Nintendo chose to do but we can buy figures that we like over figures that we don't, so I guess the choices are clear... If you don't like em, then sorry don't buy em'. I'm glad that Mario still looks relatively good in quality. So yes, that will be my personal Amiibo.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

SSB4 Full Text Review

Smash 3DS review:

What I like: 

Well For SSB, theres not a lot I don't like (but I suppose thats how it is with most games I play)
SSB4 has some things in it though that I like more-so than I thought I would. For instance: You can literally edit your fighters and Mii-fighters, Customize them and make them your own. The Mii Fighter was actually a prediction of mine. But enough about Mii.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miyamoto is working in the Garage

After reading an interview in Edge Magazine, I find that I agree with Shigeru Miyamoto's opinion in gaming more now. Like for instance, He thinks that the bloody shooter games are made with a certain creative immiturity about them. I think the same thing, he thinks that It's too easy to do what everyone else is doing and he hopes that Nintendo will always try to do things new and differently than everyone else. Thats what the thought was with Splatoon. Splatoon and other prototypes coming out soon where/are apart of a new project Nintendo has created to last around a year called: Garage. Garage is for the younger workers at Nintendo to collaborate with Mr.Miyamoto and Co. Thats how we got Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World too. It's pretty unbelievable but its true, Garage seems to be a rather good program. I'm excited to see the progression, to see what comes next I mean. Wouldn't it be awesome if a sunshine 2 came out or even a WiiU version of Sunshine 1 on Virtual console came from this? Or what if Nintendo put out a Super Mario Galaxy 3 from this studio? The options from now til' 2016 are practically limitless.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mario Kart 8 text & Video review

The vid:

Text review:

Well This is mainly to cover what I didn't cover in the video review. Like for instance, I like how the headlights come on on the karts when you enter a tunnel or dark area on a track. Or, if the whole track is dark then your headlights stay on the whole time. I like how Nintendo took the time on the little things in this game. They made it feel more realistic without taking away from the funny unrealistic feel of the game. When playing as Metal Mario in previous Mario Kart games, he's not that much heavier then Mario. But when you're coated in silver metal, you're heavy. So I'm glad that in Mario Kart 8 Metal Mario is more realistic when he moves. He moves slower than Mario and drives like he's stiff. I love the playback feature. To be able to play back everything in slo-mo is incredible, it's like watching real-HD racing footage. Except its better because you can drive upside-down.

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