Thursday, September 4, 2014

What I did this Mario Month

Hey Gamers, For some time I've spoken on my travels to the U.P. and I have talked on making a video to share with you all for a while. I've also mentioned many different collection updates that I have not actually shared on my Blog. Well today I'm sharing what I did/got in Mario Month 2014. So for starters, all my readers should know that I went to the U.P. of Michigan (Not U-PEE) But not everyone knows that I took along a lil' buddy of mine K'nex Mario for an adventure. I decided to make this vid to show you all what a blast it was...

Other than the vid, I also got a ton of things this Mario Month, like The original Nintendo Zapper and a few other things too, heres a pic of the last few things I got when Mario Month 2014 came to an end:

  1. Angry Bird RED in slingshot plush
  2. Blue bird 1 of 3 plush
  3. 1997 Yoshi PVC fig
  4. Super Mario 64 fig from wendys 
  5. Nintendo power magazine Gamecube E3 2002 magazine
  6. Paper Boy GameBoy color game
  7. StarFox for SNES 
  8. DK King of swing GBA game
  9. Mario Kart super circuit GBA game 
  10. Monopoly GBA game 
  11. GB memory card
  12. A Mario with chain chomp Super Mario 64 Wendys toy
  13.  Doctor Robotnik fig from the original Sonic toon 

Dr. Robotnik is Sega, not Nintendo but I'm not keeping him for his brand, I'm keeping him for the  nostalgia of it. It's an old wind up toy of him in his Eggmobile. Anyhoo, the best thing I got besides my Nintendo Zapper at the end of Mario Month has got to be the Nintendo Power Magazine featuring The Gamecube and E3 from 2002.  

Game On Gamers!