Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The aftermath.... My GC Anniversary 2014

Hey Gamers, After 6 + years of gaming I can now say that I'm an official pro GC. Of course that really means nothing, because even pros die in games and can stink at games at some times. So really anyone could be a pro if they tried hard enough. Anyways.... My GC Anniversary was yesterday and I had a huge collection haul!! I went out shopping in the morning and held a Mario Kart 8 tournament with my family in the night. It was soooooooo much fun!! I can't believe how many awesomtacular Mario items I got, I even pre-ordered SSB4 [3DS version] at GameStop.  I used to just HATE GameStop for their lack of Awesomtacular games. Then I visited with A generous amount of $75 dollars in gift cards and bought a ton of stuff. I met a guy nicknamed Goose and he gave me 3 Mario Giftcards without cash on them. The designs were awesomtacular, The store was Awesomtacular and so was the service. I now once again support GameStop. I even joined their rewards program.

I'll be posting a collection update to my museum soon, so be waiting for that.
I even bought a few games that day, but not just from GameStop. I also went to a store called MediaReload and their store is literally one of the best Gaming stores I've ever been too. Not all their prices were in my range but some of the games they had priced were more expensive than what they were charging. Look it up, find a store in your area because MediaReload is worth visiting.

I got quite a few new games too, still haven't gotten 3D world or the Mario Wii remote, but I can safely say I can now scratch some things off my list. Wooohoooo! It was like the best dream ever but it was all real!!! And I still have everything in my collection from yesterday too so I know I'm not dreaming!!! Nope, I'm not gonna' pinch myself...

And Happy belated Birthday to Nintendo is now 125 years old and turned that yesterday on my birthday. Soooooooo cool!!!! I hope to do many more reviews, rants and collection updates in the near future....
(My museum)

 All for now, Game On Gamers!