Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Smash pad

 So when Nintendo announced that they'd be putting out a mod for the WiiU for GCube controllers, I didn't expect them to make new controllers, but through this years E3 and up, I've found many things saying Nintendo Will allow the new SSBs to play with Game Cube controllers, although I don't know about backwards compatibility and all-that just yet but I did find this at Toys R US yesterday and Today.... The pic in this post is what it looked like. Hopefully I can get this when I go out Mario shopping for my Anniversary but I really have no idea what I can afford right now. Anyhoo, the basic's with this new controller is that its a modernized GCube remote with old fashioned gcube like buttons and a new fresh look. It comes in three designs so far, Mario Yoshi and Peach. Sadly no Luigi yet, but I only really want Mario. :D  I do think now that its safe to expect some Gamecube games for Virtual console to come out soon. Super Mario Sunshine is now at its prime possibility for a remake and sequel!! All for now,

Game On Gamers!