Saturday, September 13, 2014

SSB out in Japan, SSB october 3rd (For USA),

 Okay so we all know that SSB for the 3DS is coming out in october for North America on the 3rd, but does everyone know that Japan got it early? Yup, and now we can confirm that DuckHunt Dog will be in SSB 4 for WiiU and 3DS. Gameplay footage has already been leaked from the Japan game release.( See footage here) Also, I found that the 3DS can link up to the WiiU and be used in it as a controller. Hopefully These things remain true for the US versions of the game, but either way I think we're all looking forward to buying SSB in North America. SSB 4 Seemed to be the only form of hype Nintendo used for a while and then came in the Leak of the NEW Nintendo 3DS and XL consoles from Japan, and then came leaks from Mario Kart 8 and other games as well. I seem to find more leaks of new info then I do official announcements. Which I find to be almost annoying. Because I'd prefer Nintendo to announce their own products over someone else to discover something that someone else missed while viewing another leak of something that may or may not be true, and then getting a press release from Nintendo themselves. Any true gamer should understand this so I hope you do.   Maybe Nintendo should hire a certain plumber to come in and patch up all the leakage, LOL I'm JJ. But I just don't understand how and why so many leaks are getting out into the open right now, although I suppose they always do. I'm still very excited to see what Nintendo does next, and this new found info on the 3DS connecting to the WiiU is Awesomtacular, it all depends now if Nintendo will take and use these new control features for other games as well, or if they'd limit it to only the two new SSBs.

If they do  continue to use these new forms of connectivity with more than just SSB, then the possibilities for the future of Nintendo consoles could indeed be huge.

SSB for the WiiU is rumored to now be planned for release on November 21st according to My Nintendo News. This would indeed be a proper release date considering we were promised SSB for 3DS in Summer and its out NEXT MONTH. So SSB for WiiU should be out in 2 months considering the upcoming holiday season (Christmas).

SSB 4 for the 3DS will be out in North America on October 3rd, in other news I will soon be filming new video reviews now that my glasses are finally here :D .

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