Monday, September 15, 2014

Nintendo and classics

I think everyone and anyone who's ever picked up a Nintendo controller and sat down to game hard for a couple hours can say they have a favorite game, usually their favorite is the one that they first played, but sometimes its the latest release. Either way, tastes change and so do favorites.
But most people have a soft spot in their hearts for their old-school classics. I just spoke recently to a man in Goodwill about the DuckHunt Dog being in SSB 4 finally, he laughed and told me that he used to play the original DuckHunt for NES all the time as a kid. What he probably didn't know is that the original DuckHunt wasn't on the NES at all, but rather it was a projector that popped the ducks up on the wall and you shot a laser beam to kill the duck. Weird thing is that in SSB4, the Duck on the dog's back is your ally. Anyways the point I'm trying to make is that theirs a place of gaming memories in everyones heart who's ever played a video game. For me, The first game I ever played was Super Mario world. Then I got a playstation 2, and I gave it to my sister after I got my WiiU. I once gave away my old SNES. But I missed it so much that I asked for a new one. And I got it when I turned 15, I play it from time to time but I think now it needs a new AV cord.
Reggie fils-aime said in this years E3 vid that he knows people will from time to time play old Nintendo games "Because it's Nintendo" Nintendo brings back old memories and helps make new ones. I like making memories, thats part of the point of all of it. I  do plan to play and review a few retro games soon, but I thought now I'd just mention how much we need to remember the games that started it all and spun off so many great modern games that we have now.
 All for now,

Game On Gamers!