Saturday, September 13, 2014

K'nex Mario gets a web show.

After a while of uploading K'nex Mario videos to FaceBook, I decided to cram all the links in just one place and start uploading them all in a series. A series of Awesomtacular 1-7 min episodes of K'nex Mario with his many friends and their crazy adventures in real life. K'nex Mario's next adventure will be with Batman. Yes, thats right. I said Batman. Except in the world of K'nex Mario adventures, Batman is a salesMan and Spider-Guy (AKA: Generic Spider-Man) is a fitness instructor. Yup, its all a twisted look at the world of fiction in toy form in real life. :D  So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together. The first Season will be up to 20 episodes and then I will begin a second one to follow. Then after I finish with all 3 I PLAN to make, I'll finish it off with a 10 minute film to showcase all adventures K'nex Mario has had. Regardless if I make it to 3 seasons, I will end it all with a short film. You can find the series right here  where I crammed them together...
All for now,

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