Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Climbers, Japan, Miiverse & Minecraft

Well if you haven't heard yet, Japans charts are off the charts in Japan for SSB4... Wait a minute. That sounded weird even to me, and I wrote it too. Well, SSB4 has hit 1# in Japan and it won't fall either. Although there have been some reports of the game destroying their Circle Pad on their 3DS. I think people were just playing so hard over there that they just lost it and lost their Circle pad as well. But that can be fixed, what can't is what Nintendo has done with the upcoming NEW 3DS. I guess the NEW 3DS's tiny C Stick has advanced options for attacks in SSB 4, for the 3Ds version. And I guess since the 3DS is a controller for the WiiU, the WiiU now has a cheating control method that only NEW 3DS owners get.

And Now the ICE Climbers have been taken out of the 3DS version due to the advanced things needed to put them on the 3DS that the 3DS has.... WHAT? What does the 3DS NEED for these tiny kids with hammers!? I mean srsly, Its too hard to put them in it? And they MIGHT still come to WiiU?? Hmmmm. Honestly I think someone just forgot to put em in when it was released and he was fired and then they issued a formal apology to cover it all up. Conspiracy!!!!!  O.O

Miiverse Seems to be having its fair share of issues as well.
Someone found a glitch that allowed you to post whatever photo you wanted to the Mario & Luigi community on Miiverse on the
3DS, Nintendo instantly got wind of it (which is a good thing too) and stopped the posting of photos on those communities until they can fix this huge glitch. Boy, someone had way too much time on their hands to find a glitch of this kind. Not to mention that they unleashed a tidal wave of adult-like photos (I've heard) popping up on Miiverse since the discovery.

And in other news Minecraft was bought up by Microsoft.... YUP. So now I think its safe to say that Minecraft most-definitely will never be out on WiiU or 3DS/New 3DS. Nope, mainly on Xbox from now on it appears. Unless Minecraft fans convince Microsoft

to strike a deal with Nintendo. Which is basically what Mojang should have done from the start.

All for now, Game On Gamers!