Monday, September 29, 2014

Giving in and/or Moving on

 As we all know, Nintendo has been pressured by the media and general public for some time now, to get their games onto smartphones and move into the new generation/line of entertainment. For a long time Nintendo said "Nope, we must stick to our roots." But now they've began a new way of dealing with this desire of Nintendo on SMART devices, With Apple being practically the only SMART device maker used by the public now, Nintendo decided to try them with their own custom made products. I'm talking Cases and apps. Yes apps... No not games, just apps. The differences being small but this is still more-or-less a compromise over a "giving in" situation. The only apps I've heard of so far is a Pokemon app [Money maker] & a Mario Kart 8 app [the only app that would be on my iphone if I had one]. The Mario Kart app keeps charts on scores and things that deal with the REAL game, so its not a game itself. The pokemon app is a trading card game made virtual so it's more-or-less just made to make money and have another app. Basically the apps are just to please their customers. The Pokemon app is more of a game in comparison to the MK8 app, But it involves real-world purchases. So its more-or-less just so that you can play with the cards digitally. That game comes out tomorrow, but thats not even the highlight of the post.
I first found the Apple cases in Gamestop, then again at Toys R us, The Retro cases look so cool! I'd own em' all if I had a Smartphone.... No I don't. Probably will be a while before I do. But when I do I know I'll  have options worth looking through.

All for now, Game On Gamers!