Monday, September 8, 2014

Charles is becoming rather social

Hey Gamers, So it wasn't that long ago that Charles Martinet opened up an instagram account and he's been sharing tons of vids lately. It's almost odd how he just popped up online one day and has now taken social media by storm isn't it? I mean, his official Facebook page was just plain empty and then boom he's got a new facebook page [HERE] and an instagram account too. He's my favorite voice actor besides Kevin conroy (I think you know why) because he's the voice of my all-time favorite video game character. And he's releasing vids of Mario Luigi and CO and their saying a lot more than just "Wahoo!" Their making jokes, singing and talking about many things. I'm just excited to see what he posts next and whats to come from Nintendo next (being that he's more active online now). Anything could happen at this point, I'm curious to see what Nintendo does next and what Charles does now that he's sharing more online. Tell me your thoughts in the comments and GO,

Game On Gamers!