Saturday, September 27, 2014

Store Review Media Reload in Saginaw MI

Before I give this review, people may be asking me"Why do you share so many Michigan type locations on your blog and on Facebook?" That would be because I live around the Michigan area ok. I do live in and/or by the mitten of the USA. But I'm not giving out any personal info or my full location/address. Because I don't want any psychos coming and killing me. No offense to those who are psychos and reading this. LOL, I'm saying all of this first because Media Reload is located in Saginaw MI and Flint. So sooner or later someone would put it all together and figure out that I live in Michigan. But srsly don't even ask because I will not give out my address or other. Now for the review:

Media Reload- Saginaw MI

This store is a sub location of their main store in Flint. But it doesn't fail to impress. Not really a store for a younger audience but not a bad store in any way. I noticed that the store had many good reviews on Facebook so I decided to pay a visit. I was impressed the minute I walked in because I saw this awesomtacular retro cabinet filled with Nintendo games... And Sega Genesis on the very bottom (quick fact: I used to own a Genesis). The store is definitely worth visiting and they have great prices. They're also very good listeners, I think I talked their ears off. The staff's very friendly and helpful too. If you have a question they'll answer it. The price's are very affordable on most of the products there. But if your looking for deals on DVD's, you should know first that they primarily carry retro/old items, the DVD's are mostly old. But their still rather affordably priced.
As for Nintendo items, The store is more of a gaming store than a merch store, so if  you're looking for Gaming ware then come here, otherwise look somewhere else. I once went to a store (store chain store) called Media Replay. It's in no way related to Media Reload as far as I know, But Media Reload is basically a generic version of this store. Media Replay sells their games at all the wrong prices and if you want a good deal... They don't have it. Media Reload on the other hand has everything I'm looking for in a gaming store. And I've got some inside info that they may soon put out a brand new light-up Mario sign on their store window. 

All for now, Game On Gamers!