Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why I want ScribbleNauts Unlimited

Just a while ago I got ScribbleNauts unmasked for 3DS and it got me back into the Scribblenauts franchise. I've played the original game and its not-so-great, but the unmasked game looked fun from the start. I've seen the trailer for scribblenauts unlimited and this is practically the only reason I want it:

Nintendo & Mario crossovers

Being able to make Mario/Nintendo characters in a world thats only limited to your imagination allows me to think of some awesomtacular ways I could use Mario and CO. to solve the many, many puzzles in the game. Scribblenauts unlimited (as far as I know) allows you to actually EDIT the items/characters that you generate using Maxwell's tablet. This is the first Warner Bros. & Nintendo crossover I've ever noticed. And I just recently found out that WB once acquired Atari. Of course thats all different now, but still... This technically is the only game that Atari, WB and Nintendo have been in all together. Just kidding. WB no longer
owns Atari so this is technically only a WB & Nintendo game. The game looks awesomtacular! It has Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Link too!! I'm not sure if it has DK or diddy.... But I hope it has at least DK. Still, the game looks fun and worth getting. So I'm gonna' try and pick a copy up soon. And it's technically a Mario game.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Giving in and/or Moving on

 As we all know, Nintendo has been pressured by the media and general public for some time now, to get their games onto smartphones and move into the new generation/line of entertainment. For a long time Nintendo said "Nope, we must stick to our roots." But now they've began a new way of dealing with this desire of Nintendo on SMART devices, With Apple being practically the only SMART device maker used by the public now, Nintendo decided to try them with their own custom made products. I'm talking Cases and apps. Yes apps... No not games, just apps. The differences being small but this is still more-or-less a compromise over a "giving in" situation. The only apps I've heard of so far is a Pokemon app [Money maker] & a Mario Kart 8 app [the only app that would be on my iphone if I had one]. The Mario Kart app keeps charts on scores and things that deal with the REAL game, so its not a game itself. The pokemon app is a trading card game made virtual so it's more-or-less just made to make money and have another app. Basically the apps are just to please their customers. The Pokemon app is more of a game in comparison to the MK8 app, But it involves real-world purchases. So its more-or-less just so that you can play with the cards digitally. That game comes out tomorrow, but thats not even the highlight of the post.
I first found the Apple cases in Gamestop, then again at Toys R us, The Retro cases look so cool! I'd own em' all if I had a Smartphone.... No I don't. Probably will be a while before I do. But when I do I know I'll  have options worth looking through.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Store Review Media Reload in Saginaw MI

Before I give this review, people may be asking me"Why do you share so many Michigan type locations on your blog and on Facebook?" That would be because I live around the Michigan area ok. I do live in and/or by the mitten of the USA. But I'm not giving out any personal info or my full location/address. Because I don't want any psychos coming and killing me. No offense to those who are psychos and reading this. LOL, I'm saying all of this first because Media Reload is located in Saginaw MI and Flint. So sooner or later someone would put it all together and figure out that I live in Michigan. But srsly don't even ask because I will not give out my address or other. Now for the review:

Media Reload- Saginaw MI

This store is a sub location of their main store in Flint. But it doesn't fail to impress. Not really a store for a younger audience but not a bad store in any way. I noticed that the store had many good reviews on Facebook so I decided to pay a visit. I was impressed the minute I walked in because I saw this awesomtacular retro cabinet filled with Nintendo games... And Sega Genesis on the very bottom (quick fact: I used to own a Genesis). The store is definitely worth visiting and they have great prices. They're also very good listeners, I think I talked their ears off. The staff's very friendly and helpful too. If you have a question they'll answer it. The price's are very affordable on most of the products there. But if your looking for deals on DVD's, you should know first that they primarily carry retro/old items, the DVD's are mostly old. But their still rather affordably priced.
As for Nintendo items, The store is more of a gaming store than a merch store, so if  you're looking for Gaming ware then come here, otherwise look somewhere else. I once went to a store (store chain store) called Media Replay. It's in no way related to Media Reload as far as I know, But Media Reload is basically a generic version of this store. Media Replay sells their games at all the wrong prices and if you want a good deal... They don't have it. Media Reload on the other hand has everything I'm looking for in a gaming store. And I've got some inside info that they may soon put out a brand new light-up Mario sign on their store window. 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The aftermath.... My GC Anniversary 2014

Hey Gamers, After 6 + years of gaming I can now say that I'm an official pro GC. Of course that really means nothing, because even pros die in games and can stink at games at some times. So really anyone could be a pro if they tried hard enough. Anyways.... My GC Anniversary was yesterday and I had a huge collection haul!! I went out shopping in the morning and held a Mario Kart 8 tournament with my family in the night. It was soooooooo much fun!! I can't believe how many awesomtacular Mario items I got, I even pre-ordered SSB4 [3DS version] at GameStop.  I used to just HATE GameStop for their lack of Awesomtacular games. Then I visited with A generous amount of $75 dollars in gift cards and bought a ton of stuff. I met a guy nicknamed Goose and he gave me 3 Mario Giftcards without cash on them. The designs were awesomtacular, The store was Awesomtacular and so was the service. I now once again support GameStop. I even joined their rewards program.

I'll be posting a collection update to my museum soon, so be waiting for that.
I even bought a few games that day, but not just from GameStop. I also went to a store called MediaReload and their store is literally one of the best Gaming stores I've ever been too. Not all their prices were in my range but some of the games they had priced were more expensive than what they were charging. Look it up, find a store in your area because MediaReload is worth visiting.

I got quite a few new games too, still haven't gotten 3D world or the Mario Wii remote, but I can safely say I can now scratch some things off my list. Wooohoooo! It was like the best dream ever but it was all real!!! And I still have everything in my collection from yesterday too so I know I'm not dreaming!!! Nope, I'm not gonna' pinch myself...

And Happy belated Birthday to Nintendo is now 125 years old and turned that yesterday on my birthday. Soooooooo cool!!!! I hope to do many more reviews, rants and collection updates in the near future....
(My museum)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My GC Anniversary

My GC Anniversary is today, I won't be posting today but I do hope that you all keep on Gaming hard. I'll be making a Collection update tomorrow. I appreciate the loyal Audience that I've grown to have. I hope you all have a great day today though. Plz feel free to leave me a message on Facebook or on my blog with comment to this post. Thank you
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Climbers, Japan, Miiverse & Minecraft

Well if you haven't heard yet, Japans charts are off the charts in Japan for SSB4... Wait a minute. That sounded weird even to me, and I wrote it too. Well, SSB4 has hit 1# in Japan and it won't fall either. Although there have been some reports of the game destroying their Circle Pad on their 3DS. I think people were just playing so hard over there that they just lost it and lost their Circle pad as well. But that can be fixed, what can't is what Nintendo has done with the upcoming NEW 3DS. I guess the NEW 3DS's tiny C Stick has advanced options for attacks in SSB 4, for the 3Ds version. And I guess since the 3DS is a controller for the WiiU, the WiiU now has a cheating control method that only NEW 3DS owners get.

And Now the ICE Climbers have been taken out of the 3DS version due to the advanced things needed to put them on the 3DS that the 3DS has.... WHAT? What does the 3DS NEED for these tiny kids with hammers!? I mean srsly, Its too hard to put them in it? And they MIGHT still come to WiiU?? Hmmmm. Honestly I think someone just forgot to put em in when it was released and he was fired and then they issued a formal apology to cover it all up. Conspiracy!!!!!  O.O

Miiverse Seems to be having its fair share of issues as well.
Someone found a glitch that allowed you to post whatever photo you wanted to the Mario & Luigi community on Miiverse on the
3DS, Nintendo instantly got wind of it (which is a good thing too) and stopped the posting of photos on those communities until they can fix this huge glitch. Boy, someone had way too much time on their hands to find a glitch of this kind. Not to mention that they unleashed a tidal wave of adult-like photos (I've heard) popping up on Miiverse since the discovery.

And in other news Minecraft was bought up by Microsoft.... YUP. So now I think its safe to say that Minecraft most-definitely will never be out on WiiU or 3DS/New 3DS. Nope, mainly on Xbox from now on it appears. Unless Minecraft fans convince Microsoft

to strike a deal with Nintendo. Which is basically what Mojang should have done from the start.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Nintendo and classics

I think everyone and anyone who's ever picked up a Nintendo controller and sat down to game hard for a couple hours can say they have a favorite game, usually their favorite is the one that they first played, but sometimes its the latest release. Either way, tastes change and so do favorites.
But most people have a soft spot in their hearts for their old-school classics. I just spoke recently to a man in Goodwill about the DuckHunt Dog being in SSB 4 finally, he laughed and told me that he used to play the original DuckHunt for NES all the time as a kid. What he probably didn't know is that the original DuckHunt wasn't on the NES at all, but rather it was a projector that popped the ducks up on the wall and you shot a laser beam to kill the duck. Weird thing is that in SSB4, the Duck on the dog's back is your ally. Anyways the point I'm trying to make is that theirs a place of gaming memories in everyones heart who's ever played a video game. For me, The first game I ever played was Super Mario world. Then I got a playstation 2, and I gave it to my sister after I got my WiiU. I once gave away my old SNES. But I missed it so much that I asked for a new one. And I got it when I turned 15, I play it from time to time but I think now it needs a new AV cord.
Reggie fils-aime said in this years E3 vid that he knows people will from time to time play old Nintendo games "Because it's Nintendo" Nintendo brings back old memories and helps make new ones. I like making memories, thats part of the point of all of it. I  do plan to play and review a few retro games soon, but I thought now I'd just mention how much we need to remember the games that started it all and spun off so many great modern games that we have now.
 All for now,

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

K'nex Mario gets a web show.

After a while of uploading K'nex Mario videos to FaceBook, I decided to cram all the links in just one place and start uploading them all in a series. A series of Awesomtacular 1-7 min episodes of K'nex Mario with his many friends and their crazy adventures in real life. K'nex Mario's next adventure will be with Batman. Yes, thats right. I said Batman. Except in the world of K'nex Mario adventures, Batman is a salesMan and Spider-Guy (AKA: Generic Spider-Man) is a fitness instructor. Yup, its all a twisted look at the world of fiction in toy form in real life. :D  So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together. The first Season will be up to 20 episodes and then I will begin a second one to follow. Then after I finish with all 3 I PLAN to make, I'll finish it off with a 10 minute film to showcase all adventures K'nex Mario has had. Regardless if I make it to 3 seasons, I will end it all with a short film. You can find the series right here  where I crammed them together...
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SSB out in Japan, SSB october 3rd (For USA),

 Okay so we all know that SSB for the 3DS is coming out in october for North America on the 3rd, but does everyone know that Japan got it early? Yup, and now we can confirm that DuckHunt Dog will be in SSB 4 for WiiU and 3DS. Gameplay footage has already been leaked from the Japan game release.( See footage here) Also, I found that the 3DS can link up to the WiiU and be used in it as a controller. Hopefully These things remain true for the US versions of the game, but either way I think we're all looking forward to buying SSB in North America. SSB 4 Seemed to be the only form of hype Nintendo used for a while and then came in the Leak of the NEW Nintendo 3DS and XL consoles from Japan, and then came leaks from Mario Kart 8 and other games as well. I seem to find more leaks of new info then I do official announcements. Which I find to be almost annoying. Because I'd prefer Nintendo to announce their own products over someone else to discover something that someone else missed while viewing another leak of something that may or may not be true, and then getting a press release from Nintendo themselves. Any true gamer should understand this so I hope you do.   Maybe Nintendo should hire a certain plumber to come in and patch up all the leakage, LOL I'm JJ. But I just don't understand how and why so many leaks are getting out into the open right now, although I suppose they always do. I'm still very excited to see what Nintendo does next, and this new found info on the 3DS connecting to the WiiU is Awesomtacular, it all depends now if Nintendo will take and use these new control features for other games as well, or if they'd limit it to only the two new SSBs.

If they do  continue to use these new forms of connectivity with more than just SSB, then the possibilities for the future of Nintendo consoles could indeed be huge.

SSB for the WiiU is rumored to now be planned for release on November 21st according to My Nintendo News. This would indeed be a proper release date considering we were promised SSB for 3DS in Summer and its out NEXT MONTH. So SSB for WiiU should be out in 2 months considering the upcoming holiday season (Christmas).

SSB 4 for the 3DS will be out in North America on October 3rd, in other news I will soon be filming new video reviews now that my glasses are finally here :D .

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Smash pad

 So when Nintendo announced that they'd be putting out a mod for the WiiU for GCube controllers, I didn't expect them to make new controllers, but through this years E3 and up, I've found many things saying Nintendo Will allow the new SSBs to play with Game Cube controllers, although I don't know about backwards compatibility and all-that just yet but I did find this at Toys R US yesterday and Today.... The pic in this post is what it looked like. Hopefully I can get this when I go out Mario shopping for my Anniversary but I really have no idea what I can afford right now. Anyhoo, the basic's with this new controller is that its a modernized GCube remote with old fashioned gcube like buttons and a new fresh look. It comes in three designs so far, Mario Yoshi and Peach. Sadly no Luigi yet, but I only really want Mario. :D  I do think now that its safe to expect some Gamecube games for Virtual console to come out soon. Super Mario Sunshine is now at its prime possibility for a remake and sequel!! All for now,

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What's the deal with Nintendo!?

What's the deal with Nintendo right now? With their NEW 3DS and packaged deals with NES Remix and the 3DS. And now the 3DS XL is getting awesomtacular new designs. If anything I think Nintendo is trying all this right now to increase holiday season sales. No offense, because Nintendo is awesomtacular. It's just weird how Nintendo just did all this right after Mario Month and all. I mean, Now their calling September Mushroom Month. Which I believe they're doing to make up for the fact that they did not celebrate Mario Month at all... OH Well, I'm honestly excited to see what comes next. I guess there's not much else to say right now... Except that my anniversary is only around 12 days away! Which again, is also my Birthday and Nintendo's Birthday. National Videogames day is this Friday and Charles Martinet's Birthday is September 17th. Weird right?
All for now,

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Charles is becoming rather social

Hey Gamers, So it wasn't that long ago that Charles Martinet opened up an instagram account and he's been sharing tons of vids lately. It's almost odd how he just popped up online one day and has now taken social media by storm isn't it? I mean, his official Facebook page was just plain empty and then boom he's got a new facebook page [HERE] and an instagram account too. He's my favorite voice actor besides Kevin conroy (I think you know why) because he's the voice of my all-time favorite video game character. And he's releasing vids of Mario Luigi and CO and their saying a lot more than just "Wahoo!" Their making jokes, singing and talking about many things. I'm just excited to see what he posts next and whats to come from Nintendo next (being that he's more active online now). Anything could happen at this point, I'm curious to see what Nintendo does next and what Charles does now that he's sharing more online. Tell me your thoughts in the comments and GO,

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What I did this Mario Month

Hey Gamers, For some time I've spoken on my travels to the U.P. and I have talked on making a video to share with you all for a while. I've also mentioned many different collection updates that I have not actually shared on my Blog. Well today I'm sharing what I did/got in Mario Month 2014. So for starters, all my readers should know that I went to the U.P. of Michigan (Not U-PEE) But not everyone knows that I took along a lil' buddy of mine K'nex Mario for an adventure. I decided to make this vid to show you all what a blast it was...

Other than the vid, I also got a ton of things this Mario Month, like The original Nintendo Zapper and a few other things too, heres a pic of the last few things I got when Mario Month 2014 came to an end:

  1. Angry Bird RED in slingshot plush
  2. Blue bird 1 of 3 plush
  3. 1997 Yoshi PVC fig
  4. Super Mario 64 fig from wendys 
  5. Nintendo power magazine Gamecube E3 2002 magazine
  6. Paper Boy GameBoy color game
  7. StarFox for SNES 
  8. DK King of swing GBA game
  9. Mario Kart super circuit GBA game 
  10. Monopoly GBA game 
  11. GB memory card
  12. A Mario with chain chomp Super Mario 64 Wendys toy
  13.  Doctor Robotnik fig from the original Sonic toon 

Dr. Robotnik is Sega, not Nintendo but I'm not keeping him for his brand, I'm keeping him for the  nostalgia of it. It's an old wind up toy of him in his Eggmobile. Anyhoo, the best thing I got besides my Nintendo Zapper at the end of Mario Month has got to be the Nintendo Power Magazine featuring The Gamecube and E3 from 2002.  

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