Friday, August 1, 2014

The first day of Mario month 2014...

I pretty much covered last month's update yesterday so this post is mainly to wish you a happy Mario Month and August. And give you all a rough idea of all that I plan to do this month...

  • It's now officially Mario Month so I'll be playing mostly Mario games the whole month. YaY! 
  • I'm making a review of 9+ Mario games for Mario Month.
  • I plan to beat Super Mario Sunshine in Mario Month.
  • I plan to buy and collect more mario products than ever from, August through September.
  • September 23rd is my Collectors/gamers Anniversary.
  • September 23rd is Nintendo's a my Birthday, LOL. It's true..
  • My Blog is now under the title "AR-Cade Gaming".  Not  "AR-Cade's"  
All for now,  Game on Gamers!