Thursday, August 21, 2014

SSB New roster leak Real or Fake?

Hey Gamers, the big thing going around in the world of Gaming today is that a full SSB Roster was released a while ago. Yes, We now have the full list of playable characters for the new SSB games which Angry Birds is sadly not on. But to be perfectly honest, this could just be a impractical joke played by some dork with Photoshop. People don't really know when they've passed a limit with photo editing software. They need to stop when it gets completely unbelievable but people just don't.
But if this final roster listing is true and discovered from the demo like claimed. then we'll be able to play Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr and Doctor Mario as a separate character from Mario.  But Like I said I have no Idea if all this is true or not. SSB for 3DS and WiiU should be out soon.

Game On Gamers!