Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My glasses, oh no!! My glasses!

 Hey Gamers! I decided to talk today on my signature glasses which I purchased last week. They came so quickly and looked so Awesomtacular, I couldn't believe they were mine and I wore them out the first time I got them and I got my Nintendo zapper that day too. That was so cool and then what happened, I found them one day to be snapped in two spots close to the lenses. The only pair like them online and they break on me. I couldn't believe it. I ordered a new pair of non-pixelated glasses that look similar to my old ones but still, I paid almost $10.00 for glasses that break in a week. The person I ordered from offered to replace them for me but they'd probably just break like my old pair, so I ordered a new normal looking pair of square black framed glasses with red frames. Hopefully they'll last and won't have to be replaced like my old ones which now sit on my shelves as a memory of the week that they lasted me. They were pretty schweet looking and I wanted to wear them for years and instead wore them out only 1 time. They were cool while I had them I guess. Again, I srsly hope these new glasses last...

Game On Gamers!