Saturday, August 30, 2014

New, New, New!

NEW. Seems like people can only call something new so many times until its old. But still, people tag the word NEW infront of stuff. No offense really, I like the NEW 3DS's and all of NSMB. But I've heard before people wonder why their still called NEW. So i thought I'd say to the world that I sometimes wonder the same thing. Like why the NEW 3DS's aren't called somthing a bit more sophisticated like "The Super 3DS" Hey it worked for the sequel to the NES so why not with the sequel to the 3DS. Anyhoo, it's all NEW and coming out soon. Speaking of NEW, these 3DS's have taken spins on the old 3DS's and have run off with them, not only are they faster and have interchangeable faceplates, but they also have more buttons and the ability to support  micro SD's. oddly enough the Stylus's aren't on the top or on the right but instead it's on the bottom of the console's. We may not know much about the newest additions to Nintendo's legacy but we do know that Nintendo never fails to impress with their latest editions.

All for now,

Game On Gamers!