Saturday, August 2, 2014

My text review of Pikmin 3

I know that its now Mario Month and all, but I've been playing a lot of Pikmin 3, being that i got it FREE just a while ago. So today I'm giving it a basic review.
The Gameplay is very simplistic, most of the controls are through touch on the gamepad so I don't think its to hard to learn for gamers that are just starting out, I now play other games and forget that I'm not playing Pikmin because of how easily I memorized the controls. Captain Olimar was the original star of the Pikmin Franchise and now three aliens from another starving planet come to earth around the same time that Olimar does and at one point you'll have to rescue him. So the game stays true to the original concept, it follows a path and does not drift to far from the storyline in every game. What I mean is, there's little-to-no inconsistencies. Which I've made clear that I hate...

My few dislikes are that you kinda' grow attached to the pikmin and at night (if you don't have them with you) The pikmin will be eaten by nocturnal predators. but I guess if the game didn't provide a challenge it wouldn't be fun. Practically all of my games tell me to take breaks, this game doesn't and its pretty much the only game I feel I need to take breaks on.

The graphics are amazing, I only have a 740p TV and man is it stunning, I recommend you play this game more on the Gamepad because the Gamepad has is easier to control than just the TV, being the whole thing is a touch screen and your not just playing with the touch screen from off the TV. I've been told that the Gamepad screen is 720p and not 1080p HD, but compared to my TV, the Gamepad screen is Awesomtacular with WiiU games. Although my TV is still decent.

The style of the game is simple yet complex in a way, if you practice a lot then you'll soon find it to be less challenging. Stock up on fruit because when your low on fruit then your crew won't have food to use and survive long enough to beat the game.
Not much more I can say accept that I'm now addicted and I need to start playing more Mario for this month,

Game On Gamers!