Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mario Month- Will there be a galaxy 3?

Since Galaxy 2 came out and I beat it and I played it until my Eyes turned into raisins, I've been waiting for Galaxy 3, Theres been talk, theres been rumor and speculation. Theres been hope and determination to keep hoping. But still, there hasn't been a peep from Nintendo on a Galaxy 3 game. No, not even a marshmallow PEEP. But still, we wait on for another sequel to the Super Mario franchise of this kind. Galaxy games are set apart from the regular Mario games, although every Mario game is fun, these games have a style all their own. I've found out recently that Super Mario 3D World is the sequel to Galaxy 2, but why not make a galaxy 3 with F.L.U.D.D. for the WiiU and also put it on the 3DS, It would be Awesomtacular to have the adventure on WiiU and in 3D, it could even be 2 different games! Why not?! It's not like there were that many Mario related titles announced at this years E3, so why not announce that their working on something like this, I guarantee that $ALE$ will go UP if they do this, but this is no suggestion, just a simple Fan-request and recommendation. PLZ Nintendo, do this for your loyal fans!!

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