Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mario Month- Super Mario 3D Land

 Well I promised one final Mario Month review so I'm doing it today for the holiday weekend. I did say a Full review but I can only write so much before my fingers bleed okay. Super Mario 3D Land is one of the few 3D portable Mario games to come out soon after the 3DS launch but I suspect more NEW Super Mario games after the release of the New Nintendo 3DS will be on the way. For now, this 3D game is one of a kind. It's story has a style set in a land where you have to travel in a 3D perspective. Although done very well, I almost wish there was more story to follow with after it was conquered but I beat it all and now I tend to revisit the last level from time-to-time just for fun. But the game itself was also done very well. It's as if they modernized the original Super Mario land, added 3D, Princess Peach and Luigi and Toad and a Tanooki leaf. As I say about most Mario Games, I love every Mario game!! But I do have to be honest with my reviews so I'll tell you the best and the worst of it,

The Tanooki Tail alone provides easy navigation in the maps, and fun swing attack action. I also like how enemies found out that they can also use power-ups now. And they've been rather consistent ever since NSMB [DS].

THE WORST: Some levels provide a level of difficulty that is extreme!! While others are just plain simple. It was almost to easy and I beat it rather quickly. In just two days actually.

But without challenge it wouldn't be fun and without winning theres no point in getting a NEW game. So all in all, Super Mario 3D World is basically a mini game prequel to Super Mario 3D world for WiiU but is definitely worth  playing.

Happy last day of Mario Month -- All for now,

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