Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mario Month-Super Mario Sunshine-Full review

Well Gamers, I've finally beat Super Mario Sunshine... Last Week. 
Last weekend Thursday-Saturday, I went with my Familia to the U.P. [U-PEE] But the very day before we left, I conquered Super Mario Sunshine! Super Mario Sunshine is definitely a defining game for all future Mario games past it, its what spawned of Galaxy and 3D World and you can find a lot of similarities between Sunshine and 64 and Galaxy1&2. It reminds me so much of the Galaxy games that sometimes you start to play it like a SMGalaxy game. LOL, GCube doesn't have Motion control, So I'd sometimes try to get Mario to spin by shaking, but that sadly doesn't happen. 

1.What I like about it,
Realy? Whats not to like about this game? From what I can tell, not much. The game is Awesomtacular.
You can perform many different flips and jumps if you practice them, Your F.L.U.D.D. Does not empty SUPER-quick. You can put on sunglasses in some levels. Mario does get his vacation. Bowser Talks...
He doesn't ever talk any other time or in any other game ever, so this voice is one to go off of for the future.

2.Gameplay and controls,
For first-timers its one that requires practice. But the game is relatively easy to control when you get used to it. And even after beating it, you still wanna' keep playing it. Some levels are harder to figure out than others but the challenge is what Pro gamers keep playing games like this for. So if your up for the challenge, Game On!

When you find King Boo, hit em' with a pepper then another Fruit, Do this three times to beat em', You'll understand it when you get there.

4. My few dislikes.
Well I said there wasn't many things I didn't like but here they are, Yoshi dissolves in water and must be constantly fed. There's no sequel to Sunshine, only continuations from it. [Galaxy games].

5. Why should you buy?
The very question is now asked of the WiiU, Why get it?? The answer is simply "Because its Nintendo and Nintendo hardly ever disappoints." If You ever want a challenge of fun in the Sun indoors on a cold snowy day then this is the game for you, If you want to see how Mario got to the Galaxy games than this is the game for you, If you want to know more into the SMB universe than wait no more because his is the game for you. And all Gamers!

Not much more can be said on this right now so,
Game On Gamers!