Monday, August 25, 2014

Mario Month-NSMB2

This is not going to be an average text review because this is mainly going to be speaking on a couple facts I just rediscovered. Going through some of my old 3DS notifications, I found one that announced the arrival of NSMB2 for 3DS when it first came out and with it, it said that it was the start of a Month of Mario. Which later was called "Mario Month." So then how come Nintendo is playing on and on the fact that this month is peach month, and is releasing Mega-man deals instead of Super Mario deals. This Month of Mario is almost over. I suggest that we not let this month be forgotten as simply Peach month or a Mega-Man deal month. This is Mario Month.
As for NSMB2, This game is a bit different from the other Mario games. As an New Super Mario bros game its relatable to its line of games. But as a Mario game itself, its completely different. The goal of the game isn't really to beat the game but to collect the most coins within the game. When you collect enough you get a gold mario statue on your main-screen which is pretty Awesomtacular. I've yet to get this statue because you need to earn like 1 billion or something just to get it. The game itself is fun and you'll love the end level too. But not nearly as fun as Coin Rush. Where you try your hardest to earn the most coins within a time-limit and no deaths or you end the challenge. For Gamers, its a real treat of a challenge! On a scale of awesomeness though, its not the BEST Mario game ever. But if your a fan like me, its one to buy definitely.
And if you like Super Mario at all, then why not buy the game that started Mario Month?
I recommend playing this on a 3DS XL if you can because its much easier to view it all as it happens. When SSB comes out I'm sure it will also be easier to view on the XL over the regular. But again, thats only if you have the option to play on an XL or not. All for now,
Game On Gamers!