Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Will never grow old.

Not to mean this literally or anything like that, but it appears that Mario Kart 8 is infact the one biggest WiiU game that will never age. What I mean is: [according to My Nintendo News] Mario Kart 8 Will always and forver be able to keep itself  BRAND-NEW.  Of course not all of the stuff you'll be able to get will be free but We'll always be able to get brand new stuff like DLC to keep our games fresh. I think these new DLCs their introducing/Leaking out right now are just a step in the new direction that most New Nintendo games will most-likely take. This pack alone includes new characters and courses. They most-likely won't even make a MarioKart 9 until they run out of ideas for this one. and even by then people will probably keep on playing number 8!! This new leaked info is making me that much more excited to play/own Mario Kart 8 on my anniversary on September 23rd. It'll be my six Gamer/collectors year and my first time playing Mario Kart 8. The first Mario Kart game where you can drive upside down and play in HD so far. And now I find that Animal Crossing characters and courses will be available as well!! YaY!  I can't wait to see what Nintendo does next. Maybe Pikmin can drive a car?
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