Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf [3DS]

Hey Gamers, Hope your having a great day and Gaming hard, Today I thought that I'd talk on Animal Crossing New Leaf, for the 3DS. For a while I had planned on buying Tomodachi Life, then I found this game was cheaper (TLife: $35 ACNLeaf: $30.] And looked like allot more fun too. I still support Tomodachi life, but I'd rather buy this game right now. Just yesterday I got Animal Crossing for my Gamecube and already I've fallen in love with the comedicly fun series. For the 3DS, the game changes a bit and gives you the role of mayor and lets you do so much more than the original. Also, the original game has you wearing a horned helmet like a viking throughout the entire game. So I'm glad that's changed, plus I think you can use your mii in the game. I gotta' be honest, the thing that sold me for this game is that you can collect tons of different Mario and Nintendo items for your house. I will make mine a gamers paradise, but I still don't know what to name my town. Oh, did I forget to mention that I now plan on buying Animal Crossing New Leaf this Friday

Game On Gamers!