Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video Games The Movie?-ummmm....

So I guess someone ( Zach Braff ) had the idea to make a complete video documentary about how Video Games came up from the early 80's (and maybe earlier too) and into the "Now in' days" gaming we have. Not that bad of an ida to be honest. I think it could be a pretty decent flick, but just like most Video game films before it [example: SMB=The Movie, Wreck it Ralph] it already seems doomed to fail and utterly disappoint us. I say US primarily speaking of Nintendo Fans like me. The film does feature Super Mario, DK, Nintendo and Reggie too. But the film is a documentary on ALL video games. Not all Video games are GOOD/ Acceptable. The film also features games from Microsoft, Sony and some others besides Nintendo. No offense to other "Next Gen" peeps out there but I've always been able to trust Mario and Nintendo in general. I'd prefer some more DK, Star-Fox, Early Zelda and even some Metroid!! Just something other than Halo and junk. Again, No OFFENSE intended. It's just that Nintendo doesn't primarily make games where U kill. As for Mario stomping Goombas, 1. Its in no way realistic, 2. I doubt he kills them if it were at all realistic. In my Mario origin story, he knocks the Goombas unconscious(assuming that its all real). Anyhoo, The point of this is to say I'd watch the film, but I'd forward past anything not Nintendo. I may watch the Portal part and a little bit of Sonic but I'd only rent/borrow it to see Nintendo. BTW, I think this movie is now out to purchase/view or other (Check it out here) I'm not against this film at all, infact I said it wasn't
"That bad of an ida to be honest."
So don't go and say "How could You AR-Cade, This film is gonna' rock!" Because in a year, U could be saying "This was the worst Video game flick I ever saw and I'm sorry I ever saw it." U might, U might. Although U might not. I honestly wouldn't object to it if Nintendo came to me wanting to do a film, I know of a few other gamers online which have their own films. And I wrote a book. I'm planning on making a few more books too, and a few guides as well.

Game On Gamers!    ***   AR-Cade