Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Toy Bikes and Trials

So I'm sure U all know that I've played/ I own the game Urban Trials Freestyle, I basically conquered the game and then it automatically reset all my save data to be back to square one with it!! So now I have to beat it all over again!! Augh, Now some other Third party developer is tying to copy that game with the new game Toy Stunt Bike! Just like the Trial Series/franchise it's a side scrolling stunt game on a bike where you must complete the course while performing stunts. It's odd to me how no one can come up with something a bit more original instead of copying someone else's ideas. Toy Stunt bike is now available in the 3DS Eshop.
Although in comparison to Urban Trial Freestyle, the game has less than good graphics and looks silly.

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