Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Last Day of July 2014

Well gamers, its now the very last day of July 2014, the time for Summer has just flown by as I've bought some major cool stuff and I got some major cool games. My collection hasn't grown greatly but it is progressing. This post is a recap of everything from July 2014.
  •  I got , Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing New Leaf and I beat DK Country returns 3D.
  • We found out that Batman is taking so many different turns that the whole franchise is getting way too confusing to follow anymore. And Flash is getting a new TV series too.
  • Next month is Mario Month where we play mostly Super Mario games.
  • I've now posted 207 posts to my Blog here, which is 7 more posts than my goal so I'm now past my goal. My Blog has had a lil' over 2,602 views from all over the world.
  • My FB Page now has 38 likes :D
  • I posted a review and video review of Animal Crossing New Leaf HERE.
  • E3 wasn't as great as expected but still announced one Awesomtacular Mario game.
  • The anniversary of the Virtual boy is now til' the end of Mario Month.
  • I plan to release news vids and new vids and reviews very soon for Mario Month.
  • The #3DSummer campaign was announced from Nintendo.
  • The new Club Nintendo year started.
  • The Club Nintendo rewards were put out and they stunk. 
  • I'm getting Mario Kart 8 for my birthday in September.
  • I'm making a review of more than 9 Mario games at once for Mario Month.
  • K'nex Mario and I will be going together on a small Summer vacation next month.
  • I found out that the new Pac-Man cartoon is srsly dumb
  • Everybody's making books and movies about video games right now, it's the Gaming media Boom of 2014.
I guess thats really about it for the last day of July Gamers, I hope the rest of this #3DSummer is great for everyone! And I hope you enjoy everything I do in the field of gaming from here up as well as everything I've done before. Always,
 Game On Gamers!